Wedding Success Stories

Success Story: Emma

Emma's forthcoming wedding motivated her to diet, here's how she's lost nearly 3 stone.

Success Story: Lisa

Tired of starting a new diet every Monday and her waistline growing larger, Lisa used the diaries of WLR to put her in control of her calorie intake, learn about the foods she was eating and lose over 6stone in weight.

Lesley's Weight Loss Success Story

Lesley set a weight loss goal to help her lose 2½ stone for a wedding. Read her tips on how to lose weight.

Success Story: Leah

Having battled with her weight and perceived pressures to be skinny, Leah decided this year to sort out her dietary habits. Weight loss to date: 1st 7lbs.

Rachel's Weight Loss Success Story

A family wedding was all the motivation Rachel needed for her weight loss. Read how she lost nearly 4 stone.

Success Story: Erin

Erin didn’t want to be a huge bride, and realised she enjoyed the feeling of losing weight. She shares with us how she lost nearly 3 stone to fit into her wedding dress!

Katie's Weight Loss Success

Determined not to be a fat bride, Katie lost nearly 3 st. Read her tips on how to best lose pounds.

Lucy's Success Counting Calories

Lucy didn’t think anything of eating a pack of five fresh cookies in one go and eating two/three chocolate bars nearly every day, as well as crisps and sweets. With her wedding in May this year, she realised it was time to change her eating habits and count the calories in her diet…

Success Story: Rosie

Rosie wanted to look her best as matron of honour at her best friend's wedding.

Success Story: Wendy

With WLR Wendy liked the way everything she needed to lose weight was online with the added bonus of support from people in the same position.

Success Story: Sara

How Weight Loss Resources member Sara lost a stone for her wedding.

Success Story: Ruth

Ruth has lost four stone so far, here's how she did it.

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