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This Girl Did!

By Dietitian, Lyndel Costain BSc RD

These girls struggled with weight, sometimes for years, like many of us do - but they 'did it'. We've collected the stories of those that 'bottle the essence' of finally taking control - get inspired!

Karen's Story

“When people say to me ‘You must have so much willpower’ I feel I have to explain that if it had been up to willpower I would have stayed at 17 stone.

I have hardly ever had to exercise ‘willpower’ during this journey.”

Which may come as a bit of a surprise considering Karen lost 5st 8lbs on her way from there to here.

Starting from a point that’s familiar for many of us, Karen says …

“Most of us have felt that initial surge of enthusiasm when embarking on a new ‘diet’.

We’re determined to succeed this time, we go well under our calorie allowance, and we exercise…

… and then fall off the wagon and fail to climb back on again.”

So How did Karen Finally Do It?

Karen’s insight into her own motivation is enlightening:

“Motivation’s a funny thing, isn’t it?

I have always been motivated to lose weight, in the sense that I wanted to lose; I could see the reasons why I should lose, etc.

But wanting isn’t enough.

You have to get your head straight and change from an overeater to a person who is in control."

Easier said than done, right?

Karen Says,

“I never found it stressful. I was never hungry except just before a mealtime, and I’ve enjoyed the variety of food I’ve been able to eat."

Karen shares all the ups and downs of her journey here

In the meantime, here’s some of the helpful tips she has to pass on based on her experience:

  • “The first thing was getting my head straight – getting myself into that mindset (and staying in it) that says I’m a ‘normal’ eater and not an overeater. I found this link very helpful:
  • “I made my weight loss a project for the year. I became obsessed with it, bored other people with it, planned my eating, logged everything, haunted the wlr boards and occasionally contributed to them.”
  • “I decided at the beginning that time didn’t matter but losing weight, and keeping it off, did. So I ate as much as I could get away with and still lose weight.”
  • “I set my weekly weight loss target quite low so I always had plenty of calories. I knew that, for me, this would be more likely to ensure success than a ‘big bang’ approach would.”
  • “I walked or cycled virtually every day, to earn more calories, and I ate every single one of them.”
  • “I allowed for a tiny bar of Green & Black’s chocolate (15g, 85 cals) every night, and had no chocolate cravings at all.”
  • “I didn’t save calories for the weekend. I tried to make every day balance to zero, although the few times when we had a family occasion I would raise my calorie allowance to the maintenance level.”
  • “For some reason, I’m more likely to binge if I’ve had more than maintenance calories in any one day, even if it was planned. Weird psychology or what?”
  • “I enjoyed the journey – finding low-calorie, tasty, satisfying meals, especially when we were entertaining, became a challenge. Fortunately being a veg and salad freak was useful here.”
  • “On the few occasions when I fell off the wagon, I got right back on again the next day. No ‘I’ll wait until Monday’ as I’d previously done.”
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