21 Benefits of Weight Loss You May Not Have Thought Of

21 Benefits of Weight Loss You May Not Have Thought Of

Some benefits of losing weight are not that obvious, especially when you are a quite a way from where you'd like to be. So here, in WLR members' own words, are 21 benefits that may surprise you - get inspired . . .

~ 1 ~

"My ankles which always used to be swollen are not anymore. By the end of the day they were always very puffy looking and that’s completely gone."

~ 2 ~

"Having a bath is much more comfortable. I like to have a soak with some decadent bath oils and the bath I have now is quite narrow. When my BMI was >30 my hips were right up against the side of the bath. I fitted into it easily enough but there was no real room. Now I loll around soaking with plenty of space."

~ 3 ~

"I’m going on holiday in July and for the first time in years I’m not dreading packing. I already have more than enough clothes to choose from and I haven’t done a holiday shop yet. In previous years packing always involved picking the least hideous options from a limited selection and working out when and where I can get to a laundry as I didn’t have enough clothes to last otherwise. This year the challenge will instead be to decide what to leave behind so I make the airlines luggage weight limit."

~ 4 ~

"Getting on a Ryan Air flight the other day and not having to worry whether the seatbelt would fit."

~ 5 ~

"Being able to run around playing basketball with my friend's 7 year old (and him telling me that his daddy is fat, but I'm not, apparently, so have no excuses for not running!)"

~ 6 ~

"My thighs don't rub together and get sore in the heat any more!"

~ 7 ~

"Not being horrified when I catch sight of myself in photos."

~ 8 ~

"Have loved the occasional surprised double-take when meeting someone who hasn't seen me since my fat days - twice I've actually had to actually tell people that I'm me!"

~ 9 ~

"I don't mind looking in the mirror now and seeing me looking back in clothes that look kinda good!"

~ 10 ~

"Having energy so that I don't feel old even though I am."

~ 11 ~

"Knee high boots. I've never been able to wear knee high boots before as I had fat, stumpy legs and they just wouldn't zip up. I once tried boots from Evans and had the same problem . But no longer! Yesterday I bought a fabulous pair of "normal" brown suede knee-high wedge-heel boots. I love them and I've been strutting around my flat in them today."

~ 12 ~

"Not aching all the time, getting a twingey back or clicky knees or swollen ankles."

~ 13 ~

"Buying a pair of skinny jeans in a "normal" shop in a "normal" size and watch them go from tight, to comfy to loose to in the pile for the charity shop."

~ 14 ~

"Feeling in control. Feeling healthy. Feeling fit. Feeling genuinely happy."

~ 15 ~

"I love the feeling of being in control, selecting food I love in moderate portions and enjoying every single calorie, instead of stuffing it down like there's no tomorrow."

~ 16 ~

"I love spontaneously breaking into a run occasionally and the feeling that I have more energy to put into whatever I do."

~ 17 ~

"I really enjoy getting a nice surprise (instead of a nasty shock) if I accidentally catch sight of my reflection somewhere."

~ 18 ~

"I even like having a thinner face because I can wear bright lipsticks more confidently."

~ 19 ~

"One thing I always remember which struck me very profoundly was something a very overweight member said a couple of years ago (I'm sure she won't mind but I won't name her). After losing several stone she said she was walking down the street with other members of her family, and when she looked at all their shadows on the pavement, hers looked 'normal', just like theirs."

~ 20 ~

"I love having more energy and stamina. I can walk up flights of stairs and still talk at the top. Yesterday I ran up the stairs at home without even thinking and shocked my son - the look on his face was priceless. My daughter is just moving into her first house and yesterday I was able to help all day - carrying boxes, carrying wardrobe doors down stairs, etc."

~ 21 ~

"The overriding thing for me has, of course, been the improvement in my health and being able to come off medication for type 2 diabetes. Actually, not the coming off medication but the thought that I'm at less risk of complications as I get older."

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