How Therese lost 4 Stone with WLR
Therese's Weight Loss Success

Like many women, Therese has struggled with her weight after pregnancies. Many diets have failed but Therese has found WLR has worked because it has given her knowledge and put her in control of her eating habits.

How Therese lost 4 Stone with WLR

Therese, Age 31, Height 5ft 6in
Start Weight 14st 2lbs
Current Weight 10st
Goal Weight 10st
Weight Lost 4st 2lb
Working to Rate of Loss 2lbs per week

About Therese

I’m a mum to 3 active boys which keep me on my toes. I’m not a exercise freak or will ever be.

I walk most days with my youngest son in the buggy (which I find is a great incentive to get out there).

I do yoga once or twice a week which I find great for toning up those muscles.

Weight Loss History

I did try Weight Watchers on many occasions but only managed to lose a few pounds each time.

I was always a person who preferred to just “cut back” on my food intake and hope for the best but I didn’t have the knowledge that I have now thanks to WLR.

With Weight Watchers I found that I’d lose maybe 2lb and the following week have put it back on and then lose it again and end up very frustrated shuffling around with the same 2lb for a month or more and never really getting anywhere.

Also with Weight Watchers I found the portion sizes a problem - What is a small or average portion size? Unless you actually weigh it out you are only guessing.

Weight Watchers do not weigh out portions. So I don’t think I would of ever lost this much weight with Weight Watchers.

I also found that WLR is much cheaper than Weight Watchers.

How being overweight has affected you…

Being obese was terrible for me. I felt inadequate to anyone thinner than me. I felt like a second class citizen.

I would never take part in sports or swimming because I was too self conscious.

My true personality never came out because of the way I felt about myself.

It got to the stage that I didn’t want to leave the house or go out to clubs or pubs with my husband because I couldn’t wear the latest fashions and I felt I looked abnormal to everyone else.

It was a nightmare just shopping for clothes. I’d always loved the new styles and trends but could never wear them.

I’d end up just buying something if it just fitted me regardless if I liked it or not.

I’d cry almost every night and really hated myself. My husband never commented on my weight (thankfully) and said he’d love me regardless if I was 40 st.

But I knew he was tired listening to me for 15 years complaining about my weight.

Motivation to Lose Weight

My motivation came when I was at my cousin’s house one night and she produced a photo of me when I was 13 years old.

I was 10st 7lbs and couldn’t believe how thin I looked. I was gobsmacked. I remember at the time I thought I was huge but looking at that photo proved to me I wasn’t.

I got strength from that single photo and focused on that the whole time. I knew if I stuck to it I could be 10st 7lbs again.

How Weight Loss Resources Helps

WLR has been great. It’s amazing how well I could lose a consistent 2lb a week.

I found it easy because I knew where I was all the time with my calories and exercise.

It re-educated me on food values and I could keep track of what I was eating very accurately.

It also had a physiological effect too. Learning what I was eating calorie wise and what I was using up exercise wise I didn’t feel guilty about eating a treat because I knew I could.

The Best of Weight Loss Resources

The food diary, food database, food plans, exercise plans.

I found the forums a great help too to give support when needed.

Lifestyle Changes

I make better choices where food is concerned, and keep active (I find it’s not a chore now).

Exercise Routine

Walking 5 days a week, yoga twice.

Diet Changes

I eat porridge now for breakfast topped with fresh fruit never would have eaten this. Vegetables used to be cooked in butter now they are just boiled in water.

Typical Dinner – Before

Large steak fried in oil, large chips fried in oil.

Typical Dinner – Now

Small steak weighed, 100g oven chips, mushrooms dry fried.

Why do you think WLR has helped you lose weight where other diets have failed?

I think WLR has helped when other diets have failed because I knew where I was all the time. I could work on earning calories if I needed them or work off extra calories if need be.

Therese's Weight Loss Tips

It’s all about the choices you make. If you look at a typical meal, add up the calories and try to reduce it by simply changing the way you cook, reduce portion size (weigh it) it’s amazing the difference in the amount of calories you consume.


Always grill or bake or use fry lite spray. I choose the reduced calorie version instead of the normal version.

Now pregnant with my 5th baby and know I will never be like I was before joining WLR. I will be a member for life.

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