Pam Proves Consistent Weight Loss Is Possible

Pam Proves Consistent Weight Loss Is Possible

Pam, Age 69, Height 5’ 1” (155cm)
Start Weight 11st 0lbs
Week 4 + 4 days ... 1st stone lost
Week 7 + 2 days ... 1st 7lbs lost
Week 10 + 6 days ... 2 stone lost
Week 18 + 6 days ... 2st 7lbs lost
Week 24 + 3 days ... 3 stone lost
Current Weight 7st 13lbs
Time Taken Less than 6 months!

Pam is known on WLR as "Pam25"

A Bit About Me

I am married with 2 daughters and 5 grandsons aged 21 down to 6. We all live very close to each other and spend a lot of time together. 

I worked as a Volunteer Co-ordinator for a national organisation (recruiting and training volunteers to work with disadvantaged families) until 15 years ago. Since finishing work I have spent a lot more time looking after the boys whilst my daughters worked.

I have always been quite sporty and the boys kept me busy on the football pitch, down at the tennis courts or running round the park. They are all either working or at school now so I have more time to myself and no longer have to be tempted with the baking that they all loved to do. 

Diets I’ve Tried

The diets I have tried over the years are Slimming World, Weight Watchers and WLR. I have to say I reached goal on all of them, losing a similar amount of weight in a similar length of time, usually around 2 stone in 3 months. 

“There have been many times when I have started a diet on a Monday morning and have given up by the afternoon.”

Obviously, on these occasions, my mindset and determination were not right. 

I do feel, however, that WLR is the simplest way of losing weight, none of the free foods on Slimming World or points on Weight Watchers to contend with. With WLR, as long as you weigh and log everything and stay within your calorie allowance, you can't fail to succeed

How My Weight Affected Me

I have not always been happy with my weight but it has never been a major issue. I am a firm believer in if it bothers me enough I will do something about it. 

Over the years there have been many times, like a holiday or an occasion coming up, that has made me focus and lose a few pounds. I seem to have a natural wake up call which is usually when the weight has crept on, this seems to be a stone or two above what I consider to be my healthy range. 

I had reached this point when the letter from WLR dropped through the letterbox in October with the offer to rejoin. Having been a member on here around 10 years ago, and knowing that it worked, it was a no brainier and I immediately rejoined. 

My Weight Loss Motivation

My main motivation to lose weight was for my clothes to fit a bit better and for health reasons. The weight was gathering round my middle and that had to go.

How WLR Helped

I don't believe diets fail, I think it is more about how they fit in with your lifestyle, how easy they are to follow and finding the one that suits you. I have a positive attitude to diets having previously lost weight with Slimming World, Weight Watchers and WLR.

“This time, I have exceeded all my expectations with WLR.“

My original goal was to lose 1st 7lbs and my current weight loss is just over 3 stone.

A bonus for me is not having to go to a class to stand in a queue to get weighed when it can all be done in the comfort of your own home.

Most Valuable WLR Tools

The most valuable tool for me, without doubt, is the nutrition pie chart which enables me to stick to the percentages shown. I have it set on the default setting of 50% carbs/20% protein/30% fat. I stick strictly to the 50% carbs but am a little more relaxed with the protein/fat split. As long as I stay within 1%/2% either way of the 50% carbs and don't go over my daily calorie allowance I am happy. 

The list of favourites makes logging so easy and the My Plan for regular meals is really useful and saves so much time. 

Pam's Weight Loss Graph from WLR
The weight loss graph is such an encouragement when you see it going in the right direction.

My Weight Loss Journey

I am lucky (or maybe it is down to total commitment) that I have not experienced a plateau and have in fact reached and reduced my original goal a few times. Since rejoining almost 6 months ago I have not had a single week where I have gained weight. 

I originally joined in October with the idea that I would like to lose 1st 7lbs by Christmas. 

By Week 5 I had lost my first stone, 7 weeks and 2 days in I had lost 1st 7lbs, reaching my goal early. 

By Week 11 I had lost just over 2 stone and decided to maintain as I was happy with that.

4 months in I had lost over 2st 7lbs and less than 6 months in I had lost just over 3 stone.

My BMI has gone down from 29.1 to 21.1.

The hard part of maintaining starts now!

How My Life Has Changed Since Losing Weight

I feel so much better having lost the weight (considerably more than I had originally aimed for) and feel confident that I will not allow the pounds to creep back on to what I consider an unhealthy weight for me. 

I seem to have settled into a routine which suits me.. I don't ban any foods but have made changes either by reducing portions or making substitutes e.g. Maltesers instead of chocolate bars which I have on a daily basis. 

I have snacks or treats ready cut and weighed e.g. Cake or cheese into snack size pieces. 

Keeping Fit and Healthy

I have always been quite fit but the walking challenge was a real bonus, encouraging walking and seeing the destinations being ticked off was a great incentive. I achieved the bronze medal for the first 30 destinations by Week 10 and am now on my way to silver. 

‘Encouraging walking and seeing the destinations being ticked off was a great incentive’

The Best Thing About Losing Weight

The best thing about losing weight is replacing the clothes that now hang off me. It is a lovely feeling starting at the small end of the clothes rails in the shops. 

Pam's Amazing Full Length Before and After Photos
The sizes in my wardrobe are now XS and S and Size 6, Size 8 and the odd Size 10 (if we have a caption for the after photo this should be it!)

My Top Weight Loss Tips

  1. My tips for others would be to weigh and log everything, stay within your calorie allowance and stick as close as possible to the nutrition percentages as this ensures a balanced diet.
  2. Don't cut out treats or things you enjoy but think about lower calorie alternatives or reduce portions of higher calorie treats. 
  3. Have snacks or treats cut and weighed in your fridge or cake tin to save being tempted by larger portions.
  4. Treat your calorie allowance like your bank balance:
  • Stay within calorie allowance (saver) ... Lose weight
  • Between allowance and maintenance (in credit) ... STS
  • Go over calories and maintenance (overdrawn) ... Gain weight

Getting the Most Out of WLR

WLR cannot do the work for you but does provide all the tools to succeed. 

As long as you are motivated, weigh and log everything and stay within your calorie allowance, your journey will be a positive one. 

The most amazing tool for me is the nutrition pie chart. Set the percentages to suit you and if you stick as close as possible to the settings you will ensure you are getting a balanced diet. 

Take part in the challenges on offer, you can either do these in private or share your success with others on the boards.

There are so many posts saying it is much harder losing weight when you get older. Obviously, there are medical conditions which make it much harder but don't let age alone be a barrier to losing weight. 

Pam's Weight Loss Awards on wlr
Pam's Weight Loss Awards on wlr

Happy with My Results

I have to admit I never thought I would get any lower than my original target of 9st 7lbs but am amazed and delighted to have doubled my original weight loss aim of 1st 7lbs to a total loss of just over 3 stone.

“I will be 70 this year and weighing in at 7st 13lbs (probably the same weight as I was in my teens) has far exceeded my expectations.”

Thank you WLR and wishing success to all members on reaching their personal goals 

Wow... I did it!

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