Success Story - Rockchick

Success Story - Rockchick

WLR Member Rockchick, Age 60, Height 5ft 4in
  Weight Dress Size Waist Body Fat
Now 8 stone 10lbs 8 26" 24.0%
Baseline 10 stone 10-12 29" 33.5%

I’d been marginally overweight for most of my adult life

Until reaching my goal weight a few months ago, I’d been marginally overweight for most of my adult life – as I’m 60 now, that’s quite a while!

Thanks to my active lifestyle and love of outdoor activities, I’ve never been seriously obese – just a couple of stones, but on a 5ft 4” woman with a smallish frame that’s quite a lot.

I love good food – both cooking and eating it. However, like many women, I was dissatisfied with the perennial problem of tight waistbands and that pesky muffin top above my hips.

Losing weight became more difficult in my 40s and 50s

Over the years, I have constantly made the effort to eat healthily and exercise regularly, with intermittent periods of more focussed regimes, such as Weight Watchers Online or restrictive diets like the South Beach Diet.

These were generally successful, however only rarely did I sustain my efforts to reach my target weight and on the rare occasions when I did, I usually returned to the old bad habits, such as good ice cream, large pasta dinners, etc. which had led to my gaining weight in the first place, despite all the exercise I’ve always taken.

My own experience was that losing weight became progressively more difficult as I entered my forties and fifties. 

I was trying really hard to lose some weight before my summer holiday last year

I discovered ‘Weight Loss Resources’ when I was trying really hard to lose some weight before my summer holiday last year – I tried to use Weight Watchers Online again, but found it extremely frustrating to use as they had recently redesigned their web-based system and I found it full of glitches and bugs at that time, so I eventually gave up.

I then started looking for something else and found the ‘Weight Loss Resources’ calorie bible, which I initially used with a self-designed spreadsheet – however this proved quite time consuming and before not too long, I gave up.

The summer holiday came and went – and I came back heavier than ever, over a stone above the weight I wanted to be. On my return from holiday, I decided to take a look at Weight Loss Resources’ online system.

Right from the start, I was SO impressed.

The database of foods is wonderful and it was all so fast to use. I particularly love the precision and scientific rationale of calculating energy intake v expenditure and it has completely worked for me.

Early success brought an ever-growing motivation to get to goal, once and for all – and I managed to do this three months after I started to use the system.

I got support, insights and tips from my mentor

I also got great support from the mentorship system – initially, I think that came from the fact that that telephone appointment each week meant that I had to maintain my efforts!

However, as time went on I found that the insights and tips given by my mentor made me try new strategies, often things that weren’t ‘rocket science’ but were amazingly successful.

For example, my mentor encouraged me to try drinking a large glass of water between meals when I was tempted to snack, and this very successfully helped me ditch the habit of a late afternoon cup of tea accompanied by a muffin or oatcake – whilst reasonably healthy, also moderately calorific.

Another simple but effective idea was looking at restaurant menus online ahead of a dinner out with friends. As my other half and myself are quite social animals, eating out is a regular feature and one of the triggers for ‘coming off the wagon’ during previous attempts to lose weight.

I reached my goal in three months

I reached my goal weight in early December – three months after I started to use the system. I must confess I had a degree of anxiety about how I’d navigate Christmas and New Year and whether it would be the usual regain scenario, like so many times before.

However, that hasn’t happened – I’ve now been maintaining my weight for two months (early days, I know!) and what has been different this time has been continuing to log everything I eat and all the exercise I do.

The WLR system is extremely slick

It does take a few minutes, but the WLR system is extremely slick and I see a few minutes a day as a very small price to pay for a major investment in my own health, wellbeing and maintenance of a new shape, all of which I value highly.

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* Note: The success stories published on Weight Loss Resources are written by WLR members, past and present, telling their own stories in their own words. As you will see if you read more than one or two of them, everyone's story is different and they have reached their success from a variety of starting points and lost weight at varying rates. Individual results may vary.

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