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Success Story

An ankle injury left Lindsey with difficulties exercising. Using wlr Lindsey has lost 3 stone and shown that it is possible to lose weight without exercising.

Lindsey Lost 3st with Limited Mobility

Lindsey, Age 37, Height 5' 4"
Start Weight 13st
Current Weight 9st 7lb
Goal Weight 9st 7lb
Weight Lost 3st 7lb
Working to Rate of Loss 1.5lb per week

About Lindsey

I'm married with 2 teenage daughters of 16 and 18. My hubby is often away but he's supportive of my new eating regime when at home.

Our daughters are fairly flexible but enjoy crisps and chocolate and all the things I binge on!

Correction – used to binge on!

I have been off work and am currently unable to work to full capacity due to an ankle injury/disability. This has been the situation for the last 7 months since an operation in Aug, a month or so before joining WLR. 

I wanted to say this to emphasise that you can lose weight without exercise.

"I have lost 3st in weight without exercising."

There is not another diet or weight loss plan around that I have found that can give the same level of support even though I can’t exercise.

Weight Loss History

I have been trying to lose weight and become slimmer since I was 27 after my second daughter was born.

I tried Rosemary Conley, which was great when I was able to exercise but not so good without exercise!

I got bored with Weight Watchers and could never get my head around or believed in ‘free food’ so I over ate! Don’t we all if we believe food is free?

Lindsey Before

How being overweight has affected you…

"I wouldn’t go on a beach holiday, always had to be a walking or ‘cover up’ type of holiday instead."

How sad it that for someone who live 8 miles from Christchurch and Bournemouth beaches?

Felt insecure with my OH despite the fact that I know he loved me anyway. I felt unlovable due to my size and my libido was at an all time low as well.

Motivation to Lose Weight

Health and self confidence!

How Weight Loss Resources Helps

WLR is supportive, motivational and friendly all the time.

The Best of Weight Loss Resources

Wagon Warriors post thread (Members Forum), food diary, food database, goals and results database.

My personal support has been ‘driving’ the wagon (Members Forum) and posting on it every day twice a day.

"I think that was why WLR worked for me where other diets failed. I was able to do it without feeling I couldn’t because of my mobility problems and exercise difficulty."

Lifestyle Changes

  • Now I am no longer trying to lose weight I have a new way of life with new regimes and routines. I hope to improve this even more once I am able to participate in some form of exercise.
  • Since I have lost weight, it is easier to move about even though still on crutches –a 3st weight loss makes a huge difference to the shoulders!
  • Feel much more sexy and generally more confident with myself.
  • Will wear a bikini and more lacy feminine underwear.
  • OH is more affectionate than ever and always telling me how proud he is of me and how great I look, even in joggers, trainers and a cast!!
  • Children are very proud of me, like to cuddle their slim Mum; never thought I’d ever call myself slim again!
  • Feel more confident and in control of my life and my choices.

Exercise Routine

Can you lose weight without exercise? Yes!!

I would like to emphasise this as I feel that it may help lots of people with limited mobility.

"There is not another weight loss plan around that I have found that can give the same level of support even though I can’t exercise."

Although exercise obviously helps earn extra calories and helps you become slimmer, healthier and toned, it is by no means essential to losing weight.

If it was, I would still be a size 16 and 12st, struggling around on crutches and in a wheelchair instead of springing (well sort of) around on them.

I have returned the wheelchair as I am able to carry this 9st weight around with relative ease.

Through my time at WLR and with the support from the Members Forum I do realise that exercise is a bonus and will endeavour to join everyone else if and when the consultant gives me permission.

Diet Changes

Porridge for breakfast is my ‘day saver’ as it were, the one thing that fills me up and keeps me going till lunch. I'm hoping to add nice extras to it now I am at goal!

The main difference in my eating habits is quantity. I am now aware of how much I ate that I didn’t need and now use smaller plates and weigh/measure portions to maintain control.

I have had to retrain my stomach to what it should be full with NOT how much I can stuff in it.

Typical Dinner – Before

Potatoes - mash, chip, jackets veg and meat- huge quantities of all of it.

Typical Dinner – Now

Salad or veg with fish, chicken or meat, occasional rice, pasta or potato- all weighed and measured.

Lindsey's Weight Loss Tips

Be totally and completely honest with yourself and others all the time.

Use the support of the Members Forum – it is invaluable.

Among other things I have made some fabulous friends on WLR; really important to me as I had not long moved to a new area and knew nobody.

Good luck to all who try this – you can do it.

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Linz’ story shows it is possible to lose weight with limited mobility.
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