Success Story: Karyn
Weight Loss Success Story: Karyn

Immigrating to the UK was enough to send Karyn scuttling to the fridge - now she has been at her goal weight for a few months and feels in control.

Success Story: Karyn

Karyn, Age 41, Height 169cm
Start Weight 74.8kg
Current Weight 63.6kg
Goal Weight 63.6kg
Weight Lost 11.2kg
Working to Rate of Loss ½kg per week

Weight Loss History

I've never really been one for following programmes.

When I still lived at home I would occasionally join my mom's programme on Weighless, but I usually couldn't be bothered.

If I needed/wanted to lose a bit I would just try to eat less for a while - not that I could sustain it for long! But I'm relatively new to weight problems.

Have you lost weight before and regained the weight?

I gained a little weight after marriage and then a little more after each of my two boys' births.

"Nevertheless, my weight was fairly stable until we immigrated to the UK. The loneliness of the first year sent me scuttling to the fridge." 

I lost that weight when I started work, then gained some of it back when we moved to MK and I was once again not working and lonely.

When I started my current job I didn't lose weight as I had hoped. In fact, 5 months of on/off travel and hotel meals saw me gain even more.

How being overweight has affected you…

I have never been really big, but having done some TV presenting and a little photographic modelling in my younger days I was depressed by my size.

"I used to do a lot of sport and song-and-dance shows too, which I know people found hard to believe when I was at my heaviest."

I found it difficult to make time for exercise when the boys were really little and saw myself as having gone from someone vital and attractive to a drudge. I lacked energy and felt sluggish.

Motivation to Lose Weight

Just before Christmas 2003 (such timing!) I bought an electronic scale and found that I weighed a lot more than I had realised.

In fact, I weighed as much as at the end of my first pregnancy!

"Okay. Enough was enough. The time had come, the walrus said."

... I needed to take better care of my body. I was determined to lose weight and get into shape. Diet and exercise.

Discovering Weight Loss Resources

I did as before and simply tried to eat less, which worked to a point, but then I got stuck.

I realised I needed to work to a proper plan and towards a specific goal. While trawling the 'net in search of a diet plan I could handle I stumbled on WLR. Calloo callay, o frabjous day!

How Weight Loss Resources Helps

Not having to exclude anything is great. I reckon exclusion diets don't change long term habits.

Also, having access to calorie info on tap is very helpful. I know exactly where I am all the time: how many cals I have left for the day and what I can afford to eat.

If I want to eat more, I can plan some extra exercise to free up the cals.

The message boards are a great source of support too. Within days of joining I felt like an old hand when I saw newbies ask the very questions I had asked so very recently.

The Best of Weight Loss Resources

At first, I used both food and exercise diaries and lived on the boards.

Later, I tended to focus on the diaries for the sake of my phone bill. I have kept my details up to date with a weekly WI, too.

I've come to recognise a few experts on the boards who are a great help: Rick is great on sports matters and SarahW is a rock when motivation is required.

EI and Caroline are always positive and enthusiastic.

Karyn's Tips for Losing Weight

  • Maintain your diaries! It's very revealing.
  • Get exercise - endorphins are addictive and do an incredible amount for your state of mind.

I've been at goal for a couple of months now and feel more in control.

I have become a fitness fanatic - who'da thunk it?

"I recently spent a fortnight in the states, where I ran 1.5 miles almost every morning and tried not to overdo the food - I only gained 600g."

It can be done!


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