Julian's Weight Loss Success Story

Overweight and diabetic, Julian needed to lose weight for his health. He tells us about his amazing 5 stone weight loss and how he reversed his diabetes.

Julian's Weight Loss Success Story

Julian, Age 49, Height 5ft 8in
Start Weight 16st 10½lb
Current Weight 11st 7½lb
Goal Weight 11st 10lb
Weight Lost 5st 3lb
Working to Rate of Loss 2lbs per week

About Julian

I am a wedding photographer so do a lot of socialising and drinking; canapés and champagne both in and out of work.

I love to walk with my wife and we eat out often. I love the outdoors but also our very lovely home.

We have a very comfortable life and over the years this has led to over eating and under exercising.

I have been married for 28 years to Sue. We have 2 grown up children - both left home; Andy 26 and Kayleigh 23.

Sue has been a rock to me and has supported me throughout my journey. Sue is stick thin so can eat happily.

"We eat well at home now though thanks to Weight Loss Resources and my diabetes dietician."

Does my job affect my weight loss? - YES ! As a wedding photographer, I am constantly being offered great food and champagne.

Meeting with clients at wedding venues results in a lot of meals and treats being offered to me.

We work very long days, 12 hours plus and it’s very hard to stay focused on “good food” although with Sue’s help I have managed since July.

What diets (if any) have you tried in the past?

None really. Although I have dieted since I was 30, my weight has been up and down having never followed a plan.

"It’s very difficult to log what you are really eating when you don’t know or understand any of it."

I read about, and I hate, the “points” system with a passion. How can a banana be free!!!!! I used to eat 6 or 7 a day - no calories, right?

This is the first time I have followed anything properly. I chose wlr because I love the science behind the weight loss.

Tell us how your new weight has affected your lifestyle and other people’s reaction/perception to you

  • My life has changed dramatically. I love waking up in the morning and going to my gym. I have a new zest for everything: work, my family, hobbies, Christmas, OMG I could go on and on.
  • I love being able to walk into any shop and pick up a normal shirt, it’s amazing.
  • People have been totally stunned and shocked. I hear a lot of swearing when I meet people who I have not seen for a few weeks and an awful lot more after a few months.
  • I love my food now more than ever.

What has been your main motivation to lose weight?

In a word DIABETES. On June 29th I was diagnosed with Type 2 and blood sugars of 11.9.

"I have since been told that I have reversed diabetes and my blood sugars are at a PERFECT 5.3."

Having completed a photo-shoot consignment for Diabetes UK, I was fully aware of how dreadful Diabetes was and how serious a condition it is.

It’s classed as a chronic illness and in my opinion its one of the worst with so many terrible side effects but thankfully one that we can control at worst and possibly if you’re very fortunate like me, completely reverse.

"This was my motivation and is my motivation to stay slim."

I am told it’s very rare to reverse diabetes so I count my blessings every day whereas I used to count my tablets every day

How have you overcome your diabetes?

Firstly I made the decision to lose weight. I was around 16 stone 8 pound, and my Dr put me on meds for diabetes and high cholesterol and announced “these are for life”.

So that was it, an extra bunch of tablets to take at least twice a day maybe more as things progress, so I made an appointment to see the diabetes nurse and dietician and decided on a strategy:

  • Firstly I cut out drinking at home, we still enjoy a drink when out socializing or the occasional bottle of bubbles when we reach certain goals; it would be rude not to after all!
  • Then I looked at our fridge and dumped all the crap, my god there was plenty, we stopped eating cheese, we used to eat 2 big chunks a week
  • From then on followed a healthy diet which we should all enjoy, lots of fruit and veg, lots of water and lean protein such as chicken and a whole lot of fish at least twice a week,

I did this for a month with great results but then I found the amazing Weight Loss Resources and things got a whole lot easier.

I started using the diary and things became simple and obvious to me, I upped my exercise and downed my food intake and soon the weight began to fall off me.

So last week I reached my target weight of 11 stone 10lb and in fact today I am 11 stone 7½lb and after my latest blood tests I am no longer diabetic or indeed at risk of diabetes so have been taken off the register.

My bloods were 5.1 over the past 3 months and currently average about 4.3, yes I still test everyday; my Cholesterol is also perfect.

I have lost in total about 74lb and feel (and look) amazing, my Dr is well happy as is my dietician, both my Dr and Nurse were amazed, in fact stunned and shocked was a better description.

I am aware that if I put on weight again I risk getting Diabetes again, that’s enough of a threat to keep me “slim Jules”

Which tools and resources do you use regularly on wlr? Which tools do you find invaluable?

  • The food diary is my favourite tool. I use it religiously. I have hundreds of recipes for such things as lunches and dinners that we eat often. It’s a great way to keep tabs of what I am eating.
  • I also use and love the exercise diary, again I use it daily.
  • I love the charts, such an inspiration if you’re feeling low.
  • The forums are brilliant. A great way to gain inspiration as well as share it and also get useful advice from people who have been there or are going there along with you. All in all wlr has been a powerful and very welcome friend and will continue to be.

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Have you used any fitness equipment that has helped you with your goals?

Yes, I have a gym at home (very lucky) so I have added to my treadmill, a cross trainer and a recumbent bike as well as my latest plans which include resistance equipment.

Do you think wlr has helped you lose weight where other diets have failed?

YES ! For all the reasons I mentioned before plus I love that wlr explains and demonstrates the science behind weight loss, which appeals very much to my nature.

Have you struggled at points in your weight loss journey? Experienced a weight loss plateau?

I have worked very hard for the past 19 weeks and have also been very fortunate.

I have not had a plateau at all, mainly because each week I changed my gym workouts.

I workout 7 days a week for between 60 and 80 minutes, and each week in a different order or with different settings.

"I have struggled with temptations but with the odd treat along the way I have managed to avoid them."

Since losing weight can you give some examples of how your life has changed?

I exercise for an hour every day, 20 minutes on my treadmill, 20 on my bike and 20 on my cross trainer and I can “earn or burn” between 650 and 800 calories depending on how I am feeling, I love this everyday and despite the hard work I have not wanted to give up once.

"I also move more, whereas before I would drive everywhere I now walk a lot more which is great."

I was wearing Hugo Boss large polo shirts (my fav) now I have a wardrobe full of small ones and they look amazing, I’m on my 3rd wedding suit in 5 months which has been expensive but worth it.

Having reversed my diabetes, my eyesight has got 100% better; I went to boots and ordered 2 pairs of designer variofocals, one for normal use and sunglasses at the cost of around £700.00

"Anyway, 10 weeks later and having cleared my diabetes (THANKS WLR) my eyes are back to what they were a couple of years ago and I no longer need or could use my glasses."

On passing I popped into Boots to book another eye test and met the deputy manager, he asked why I needed a test so soon and I explained, he was taken aback and after congratulating me on my weight loss and curing diabetes he said that as far as he was concerned Boots had a duty of care and has agreed to give me the same glasses in my new prescription totally free of charge.

Now how cool is that!

Julian's Vital Statistics

  Start Now
BMI 34 24
Blood Pressure 170/98 130/68
I am on meds and have been for years
Cholesterol 7 3
Apparently like a new born baby

In addition:

  • I feel and look amazing and feel like I am going to live a much longer life with my wonderful family.
  • It’s great shopping for normal clothes.
  • I have lots of energy.

Exercise routines adopted?

60 minutes in my gym every day. I love it and am totally addicted

What do you love about your body now?

Everything. I look as good as I feel!

Julian's Tips

Drink to shrink… I drink lots of water, 8 or 10 pints most days which helps flush my system of any rubbish or leftover food.

I also snack mid morning and mid afternoon which helps me control portion size because I am not starving at mealtimes.

I normally have snacks around 100 calories each.

Well that’s pretty much it, healthy lifestyle and diet, lots of exercise and keep smiling, I am not suggesting that anyone can do it, I am really fortunate that I have my own gym and a job that allows me to start when I want so I can work around it.

I have a wonderful wife Sue who has supported me from day 1 and continues to (although I am sure she has a stash of chocolate somewhere); but having said all that, if you have been diagnosed with Type 2 or you are close, then YOU CAN make a huge difference to your future life and happiness but getting your bloods under control as I did, good luck.

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