Jenna Feels More Confident in Herself

Jenna Feels More Confident in Herself

Jenna, Age 37, Height 5ft 4in
Start Weight 11st 5lbs
Current Weight 9st 10lbs
Goal Weight 9st 6lbs
Weight Lost 1st 9lbs
Working to Rate of Loss ½lb per week

Weight Loss History

I tried a low fat diet but found everything so bland and tasteless and I was constantly hungry because I wasn’t exercising and trying to eat 1200 calories or less a day. Only lost about 4lbs after 6 months.

I tried SlimFast – no breakfast, a shake for lunch and a bowl of soup for dinner. That worked a bit better but I missed eating at lunchtime and felt so tired.

I also tried Atkins. I lost 1 stone in a month and kept if off for a year. Then slowly it started creeping back on.

Have you lost weight before and regained the weight?


"About 10 years ago I’d reached the stage I couldn’t fit into a size 16 dress and realised I was lying to myself thinking I was thinner."

Lost all the weight by being stupid! Drinking water all day and little food.

Lost about 2 stone which I kept off for a year and then it went back on.

Same with Atkins. When I went back to 'normal' habits, I got lazy and piggy and back on it all went!

How being overweight has affected you…

My Boss seems to think it’s funny to refer to ‘my shadow’ increasing and decreasing which is quite hurtful.

Since I’ve lost all this weight he and a few people have noticed and commented which is great.

It seems that most people (except my Boss) seem to be embarrassed to mention getting bigger but everyone comments when you lose weight.

"I’ve felt more confident in myself now I’ve lost weight."

I wouldn’t say it has stopped me doing anything when I was heavier but I am now much fitter and doing things I never used to i.e. gym, haven’t got into running yet – that’s my next aim!

Motivation to Lose Weight

I’m working and doing college part-time in the evenings three times a week. Last year I put a stone on because I was tired, eating at the wrong time i.e. after college or going to the pub and drinking lots of beer!

I didn’t want to put on another stone on top of my current weight!

I felt I had to shed the stone and so even if I do put some of the weight back on, at least I’m back to ‘Square One Starting Weight’ rather than adding to my weight.

Also being on WLR has helped change my patterns and perception to food so now I try to take fruit and yoghurts to college to nibble on in the break and hopefully this will help!

Discovering Weight Loss Resources

When I lost my stone with Atkins and then kept if off I was quite pleased.

I started keeping a similar ‘Activity Sheet’ by putting down what I’d eaten and what exercise at the gym I was doing.

I was looking on a search engine for food calories and up popped WLR.

"It was so much easier than manually putting down all I had eaten; it saves lots of time and it has been brilliant!"

How Weight Loss Resources Helps

Since having found WLR in June, I’ve lost over 1½ stone and more importantly I’ve found the will to exercise and love seeing how many calories I’m earning and my body shape has changed.

I look at food differently. I’m still having trouble with my binges (usually chocolate).

I tend to be good for a month, go off the rails and do what I want (maybe I’ll gain a pound or so) and then get back on track.

"The boards are brilliant for support and some of the advice is really helpful."

I found BodyPump and then checked the info and asked questions on the Exercise board and some of the answers and links suggested were really helpful – thanks mostly to MJS! 

I guess I’ve always known that I control my weight depending on what I choose to put in my mouth but somehow having this reinforced on an almost daily basis has finally sunk in.

Porkyboy’s down to earth attitude is refreshing and he’s an inspiration but I couldn’t be daily cycling 1000kcals worth!!!

The Best of Weight Loss Resources

I always use the food diary/exercise diary. I haven’t really got into the planner as I never know what I am doing and don’t like feeling restricted with a plan which is why WLR is great as it’s just a great tool to do what I want to do.

I usually log on late at night so have usually missed the conversation on the boards during the day but I like reading messages and the support I receive at times of stress (recently my Mum had an accident and had to be in hospital for three days) was lovely.

Jenna's Tips for Losing Weight

For me I guess ‘everything in moderation’ is my tip.

"Don’t ban foods as otherwise you just go overboard and binge (a lesson I am still learning!)."

Filling in the diaries for me is important.

Going to a gym has been the main reason I’ve felt the weight has moved so quickly. The staff have been so helpful. I like going to classes and have now discovered weight training!

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