Jane finally broke the Yo-Yo cycle!

Jane finally broke the yo-yo cycle and lost almost 2 st! Now enjoying her retirement, she feels more confident and content than ever before...

Jane finally broke the Yo-Yo cycle!

Jane, Age 63, Height 5'7"
  Weight Dress Size
Start 12 stone 8 lb 16
Current 10 stone 9lb 12
Jane's Lost 1 stone 13 lb 2 dress sizes
Time Taken 12 months
Jane finally got where she wanted to be...
Jane finally got where she wanted to be...

A bit about me and my lifestyle...

Last year I was going to Slimming World and was losing weight once again after having been away on one of our many holidays and cruises that we enjoy so much since my husband and I have retired.

Going on cruises certainly plays havoc when trying to lose weight.

I have never been one for doing much exercise but I do enjoy walking.

In August last year after returning from a cruise I had once again gone back to Slimming World to lose that extra weight that I had put on, but whilst out for a walk one afternoon I tripped and fell breaking my shoulder, that was the end of going to a Slimming World class.

I always felt that I needed the discipline of attending a class each week to keep me on the straight and narrow. How wrong could I be!!

How I've tried to lose weight in the past...

The heaviest weight I have been was 13st 11lbs way back in 1999.

I am one of those yo-yo dieters, lose all the weight, vow that I am never going to put it back on again and before I know it the weight has just mysteriously gone back on.

Though I have never gone back to my heaviest 13 stone 11 but just about it at 13st 6 pounds. That’s when I started with Slimming World, back in 2016.

In the years between 1999 and 2016 I have been to various slimming groups. I have been to Weight Watchers and a short time at Scottish Slimmers.

I have to say that I have been successful on more than one occasion at Weight Watchers but once I get to goal I start climbing back to square one.

How my weight affected me...

I hated being overweight and every time we would be planning on going away on a cruise I would be thinking...

What am I going to be able to wear and can I lose a stone in a matter of weeks...

Jane piled on the pounds when on cruises
"I have gone on a cruise with clothes fitting at the beginning but not the end!" Jane - wlr

It never worked and on my return I had piled on even more weight, I have gone on a cruise with clothes fitting at the beginning but not at the end.

Yes I enjoyed myself, but with making just a few changes to what I ate or drank it could have all been so different.

How wlr helped me reach my goal...

I was searching for a calories counter on-line and that is where I came across wlr and decided to give it a go with the free trial and I have never looked back.

I wish that I had found wlr years ago. I had never counted calories in my life but I was just about to start.

There is so much information on the website and the support is brilliant.

Every day without fail I log in my diary what I am going to eat, never waiting until the end of the day and noting what I have already eaten...

That way I can see if I have any extra calories if I feel like a snack or a treat whilst watching television in the evening.


The wlr tools that helped me the most...

I use the My Recipes to add recipes from my cookery books that way I have them on hand when I want to add them to my journal.

I also love the way that if you have an item that it is not on the database it can be added with ease. Especially for some of our Scottish delicacies.

My kitchen scales have never been so well used, I weigh everything and use the menu plan to add to my daily diary.

Jane's lost 15% of her body weight
Jane's lost 15% of her body weight!

Every week I sit down and plan what we are going to eat for the week and use this for my shopping list, that way I only buy what we need and I can easily keep on track.

I also weigh myself each day, that way I can see how I am doing..

It hasn’t all been plain sailing - some weeks I have gained a pound or two but I would know how it had happened and try harder if or when it happened again.

How I stayed motivated to keep losing weight...

In January 2020 we set sail on a cruise for 3 months going round South America, weighing myself before we went away I wondered how many pounds/stones would be piled on whilst away.

I was pleasantly surprised on my return I hadn’t put on any weight!

I can only put that down to wlr and the tools that I had been using on the website.

I was still very overweight at 12st 9lbs and I had a long way to go.

A week after we returned from our wonderful cruise, lockdown happened and I it scared me with all the talk of people who were overweight were more at risk so rather than sitting munching my way though the next few weeks/ months I thought I have to get fit and lose all the weight.

I signed up to the Walk the Weight off challenge and have got my bronze medal and am now well on my way to getting my silver medal, only another 26 hours to go. With a bit of luck I will get to Gold.

My aim had been to get into the healthy range for my height which is 11st 6lbs, but when looking at the NHS website for healthy BMI, I discovered that the top range for me was 11stone so thats when I made that my target.

Since then I have continued to lose weight and I intend to stay at 10 stone 10lbs.

How my life has changed since losing weight...

I feel so much better in myself and the comments that I get about how good I am looking make me feel very contented and happy with myself.

Jane's Successful Weight Loss
"I feel so much better in myself" Jane - wlr

I intend to keep walking every day as it certainly helps with keeping the weight off and my body is a lot more toned.

With winter on its way, I’ll get going with some new jigsaws, they certainly helped during lockdown to keep me away from the biscuit tin.

I now have the confidence that when we are able to cruise again I will be able to make the right choices for what I eat and drink.

WLR is a way of life now and it is certainly not a diet.

I tell everyone who asks how did I lost the weight that it was with wlr and they should try it if they are trying to lose weight and keep it off, as it really does work.

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