Helen's Lost 3 Stone and Out-Slimmed her Jeans!

Helen's Lost 3 Stone and Out-Slimmed her Jeans!

Helen, Age 66, Height 5'7"
  Weight Dress Size
Start 14 stone 12 lb 18
Current 11 stone 5lb 12-14
Loss 3 stone! 2-3 dress sizes
Time Taken 9 months

I’ve been overweight by a couple of stone most of my adult life and have always had a ‘thing’ about not wearing jeans when I’m overweight. I love my jeans. So my size 14 jeans have been sitting in the cupboard looking at me while I wear stretch trousers.

"At 66 years old I thought I wouldn’t be able to lose weight. "

After having children I was successful with Slimming World and with Weight Watchers but I always felt ‘job done’ when I’d got to target and the weight crept on again very quickly, and usually a little more. I live rurally so it is nearly a 20 mile round trip for the weekly meetings, which became all too easy not to attend.

The crunch came when three things happened. I put on over another stone following foot surgery taking me up to 14 stone 5 lbs. Size 18s were beginning to be tight. My surgeon said I would damage my new feet if I carried too much weight on them. And of course those jeans kept looking at me.

Helen nearly 3 dress sizes smaller
Helen nearly 3 dress sizes smaller - with her old size 18 dress!

I love the graph. I could see my weight falling and work out why it didn’t when it didn’t. I tried the jeans on every half stone with a little more of me squeezing into them each time.

The challenges were great fun and really helped embed some better habits. A walking challenge worked really well for me when I was trying to get back on my feet and made me walk just a little further each time. I now have a lovely shiny medal.

"Setting off end to end trip with stepson (I drove, he cycles) size 18 coat way too big" Helen
"Setting off end to end trip with stepson (I drove, he cycles) size 18 coat way too big"

Weight Loss Help and Support

The online community forum is brilliant. I really thought I wouldn’t use it but I tentatively posted a comment and was met with such warmth and friendliness. Their stories are inspirational, and people are keen to step in and offer encouragement and support when things don’t go quite according to plan.

Most of the time I had a steady, downward journey, but when I did have the odd hiccup, the forum was there to cheer me along, and I was there to cheer others along too.

"It’s refreshing being part of such a diverse group all of whom simply struggle with their weight, just like me."

Many have mobility issues too. It made me feel less of a failure for being overweight in the first place.


"Half way through my journey and starting to try on new clothes" Helen
"Half way through my journey and starting to try on new clothes"

Weight Loss Success

At the start of my weight loss, I just wanted the weight gone asap. About half way through, something clicked with me – probably listening to others and the WLR support. What I really wanted was to be slimmer forever, not just a quick fix.

I deliberately slowed down my rate of weight loss so that I would be able to sustain it afterwards. Slow and steady wins the race. I have lost 3 stone in about 8 months. I am now in the healthy weight range and have maintained my weight loss with ease for over 3 months despite quite a few trips away and special occasions. This time it won’t be ‘job done’. I will stay with WLR, logging in each day to touch base, without having to travel to a weekly class.


" In my new size 12 top. " Helen
" In my new size 12 top. "

Benefits of losing weight

The difference to how I feel about myself is just brilliant. My body fits my skeleton comfortably. I have defined shoulder and hip bones. People tell me how well I look. I walk reasonable distances. I have energy. I don’t shy away from fitting room mirrors.

Admittedly I have spent a bob or 2 on new outfits – I am proud to wear more colourful clothes rather than hide away in dark tent shape tunics. Last week I had a pleasant surprise when trying to buy a top and the shop assistant said, ‘sorry, we only have them in large. It would drown you.’ A year ago large would have been too tight.

"Having to tuck my jumper into my size 14 jeans and keep them up with a belt" Helen
"Having to tuck my jumper into my size 14 jeans and keep them up with a belt!"

And as for the jeans …. they just about fit now - with a belt. I’ll have to admit defeat and shop for a size 12. :)

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