Success Story: Emma

Success Story: Emma

Emma, Age 23
Start Weight 10st
Current Weight 8st 9lbs
Goal Weight 8st
Weight Lost 1st 5lbs
Working to Rate of Loss 2lbs per week

Have you Lost Weight Before and Regained the Weight?

I lost a bit on Weight Watchers, but found it hard to stick to as I didn't have much control, I was avoiding foods with high points, rather than looking at the full nutritional values.

Ended up cheating a lot and was never sure about exercise! Lost a stone, but gained it back!

On Being Overweight…

When I hit my highest weight at Christmas of about 10st 4lbs, it was awful, I couldn't fit into my clothes properly, and I felt so down about it.

"I am quite a socialite and love going out, but just couldn't face wearing my "party frocks" as they just didn't fit me." 

My friends were always supportive and never said anything but I just knew I needed to get the weight down.

I lost my Grandad on Christmas Eve, so I wasn't in the mood for much, just lounged around and pigged out.

One evening over Christmas the family was round and we had had a few drinks. Dirty Dancing's "I've had the time of my life" came on the Tele, and I got up to dance with my little sister.

Nanna turned and said, "yes Emma, you best get dancing, try and dance off some of that extra weight".

I was gobsmacked, but it took a comment like that for me to realise that I had gained weight, and it didn't suit me!

Finding the Motivation to Lose Weight

My first motivation was Nanna's comment, but once I'd lost my first few pounds I felt fantastic, and my clothes started to fit with a little more ease.

I am going on holiday in July and wanted to feel good in summer clothes rather than trying to cover up. I also went to see Britney Spears on the 1st May, and I wanted to look good, and I did.

"I'm gonna stick at this until I get to my goal, although I'm now a happy size 10 and if the weight doesn't go down much more then I won't be that bothered, I'm feeling fab now!!"

I'm trying now to tone everything up. Going to the gym and building up my fitness has been a great motivator.

Being able to run the Cancer Research UK Race for Life 5km in 31 minutes, I now want to keep increasing my fitness so next year I can do it in under 30 minutes.

Discovering Weight Loss Resources

I went skiing in January, and my ski pants were a little too tight, so when I got back I thought the only way I am gonna lose any weight is by sticking to a calorie controlled diet.

So I searched on Google for a calorie counter and up popped WLR, it was exactly what I wanted. I took the free trial and that was me, it was fantastic just what I had been looking for.

How WLR Helps

This site is ideal for me. I find that I take more care with balancing my diet, rather than sticking to weight watchers points with no detail.

The advice from other members and the help team are great. Little hints and tips to help you along, and benefit from other people's experience during the lows and highs!

The Best of WLR

I always put my food in every day without fail, and I always glance at the message boards.

Sometimes I don't have time to look fully, but if something catches my eye I have a look, or just post something about my day.

I like the fitness and exercise boards, and by listening to the tips I have developed a far better exercise regime and I enjoy it now - all with the help of the members.

I input my weight once a week, and take a look at the reports that it produces, it's nice to see how well I have balanced my food out over the week.

Emma's Tips

Tip 1:

If it all goes wrong, don't panic, tomorrow is another day, don't think that just because you have eaten over your calories you should keep eating, it's just harder to get back on track!

Tip 2:

Always enter your food in for the day, including the naughties, don't cheat, you're only cheating yourself.

Tip 3:

Always have a look round for any tips on specific things you are doing, there is nearly always someone somewhere with the same problem as you who can give you some useful tips on how to succeed.

Tip 4:

I am now in total belief that a controlled eating plan and exercise is the key to healthy weight loss, and take a look at the fitness and exercise page for tips and hints on how to do better, or take up new hobbies.

And finally, my most important tip for everyone, enjoy yourself, don't think of it as a diet, more of a change of lifestyle. Don't get down to your weight and be miserable

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* Note: The success stories published on Weight Loss Resources are written by WLR members, past and present, telling their own stories in their own words. As you will see if you read more than one or two of them, everyone's story is different and they have reached their success from a variety of starting points and lost weight at varying rates. Individual results may vary.

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