Dianne's Weight Loss Success

Feeling old, frumpy and downright invisible, busy working Mum Dianne knew she had to lose weight. Using wlr has helped her to plan and keep track of her weight loss to become lighter and fitter. Read about Dianne’s weight loss success.

Dianne's Weight Loss Success

Dianne, Age 35, Height 5ft 6in
Start Weight 13st 1lb
Current Weight 9st 10lb
Goal Weight 9st 7lb
Weight Lost 3st 5lb
Working to Rate of Loss 1lb per week

About Dianne

We have a busy lifestyle typical of a working family with a young kid; both my husband and I work full-time. I work 35 hours over 4 longer days so that I can stay off on a Friday to look after my little boy.

On Fridays I try to catch up with friends and their children for play dates and the weekend is usually spent getting out and about catching up with friends and family and having days out here and there.

"Usually this means shopping, cooking and housework are squeezed into weekday evenings once our wee boy is in bed!"

Having my son got me into better eating habits through the week, which was a big benefit when starting on wlr.

I like him to eat as much of a variety of homemade food as I can, so I generally cook things from scratch and freeze portions of it for him. It means that his meals are ready for him coming home from nursery.

It does often mean that my husband and I eat late in the evening though.

Our busy Fridays and weekends tend to be a bit of a different story. Being out and about and socialising often means eating out in cafes, pubs or restaurants.

Catching up with friends and family is usually over a meal and a drink somewhere or the ubiquitous coffee and cake!

I’ve always enjoyed sports and physical activities and have tried a lot of different ones over the years, but for a long time I really didn’t know how I could manage to fit it all into the life of a working mum.

Does your job affect your weight loss efforts?

My work life has changed significantly in the last few years, as I have changed from a working pattern of 5 days a week (which allowed time for exercising in lunch breaks) to a compressed week of 4 days (which usually involves a quick lunch at my desk).

I also used to have a job that involved site visits, meetings and a lot of being out and about, whereas my new job as a manager means I’m sedentary for most of the time.

The long days in the office have led to far more of a tendency to graze at my desk and indulge in the never-ending cakes and biscuits that seem to appear!

What diets (if any) have you tried in the past?

I briefly tried Scottish Slimmers to lose weight when I was in my mid-twenties and had gained weight after a course of antidepressants.

I felt very intimidated by the atmosphere and was very aware of being whispered about, as I wasn’t considered to be “big” enough to be there.

Other than that, I’ve only really lost weight by trying to cut back on junk foods and increasing my exercise.

"It’s generally been quite unfocused and a bit demoralising, as I’ve tended to overdo things with the “diet” foods."

As my weight crept up, I had an increasing feeling of fighting a losing battle by trying just to cut down on certain foods and exercise more, as it didn’t seem to have an impact.

This just made me feel miserable that I was denying myself and seeing no weight loss, so I would just slip back to bad habits.

Tell us how your weight has affected you?

My weight was rarely off my mind, as every time I caught sight of myself I hated what I saw.

"Getting dressed in the morning was a nightmare, as I didn’t know what would fit me from one day to the next or whether I would feel like a total mess in what I was wearing."

Social occasions were also a major source of stress as not only would I need to think of what to wear, I would be likely to have photographs taken of me too.

I think my diet and lifestyle (which definitely involved too much alcohol) also adversely affected my mood and contributed to the depression which I have suffered from over the years.

In my late teens and twenties I was used to quite a bit of positive attention from the opposite sex and suddenly I felt old, frumpy and downright invisible.

What has been your main motivation to lose weight?

My son is a large part of the reason I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to be able to run around with him without feeling tired and self-conscious.

"Also I worried that I could have an adverse effect on my health if I didn’t do something about my weight."

I also wanted to lose weight to regain my self-confidence and feeling of being attractive, both for myself and for my husband.

Which tools and resources do you use regularly on wlr? Which tools do you find invaluable?

The food and exercise diaries have been a revelation in tracking what I eat and drink and really making me think about the balance of what I eat and making me think twice before just putting something in my mouth!

"In terms of what is invaluable, I can’t praise the forums and the people on them enough though, they are just amazing."

I’ve been inspired and encouraged, kicked up the backside or sympathised with, depending on the circumstances and the sort of support needed!!

In common with a lot of other members, it’s the first place I go to for advice, information and opinions on virtually any subject, from whether an outfit suits me to advice on family troubles!

Why do you think wlr has helped you lose weight where other diets have failed?

The feeling of being part of a community, where everyone has common goals to lose weight and is supportive of each other, has just been a phenomenal experience.

"Weight loss can be a lonely experience, with limited support from those around you."

Feeling that there are all these people out there who are doing the same, feeling the same and going through the same is such a boost.

What has kept you motivated?

I definitely have struggled at times to lose weight, feeling resentful of having to count and log everything that I eat and restricting and limiting the range of food I was able to eat.

There was also the worry that the slip from “the wagon” would result in falling back down the slippery slope of inevitable weight gain.

"Support from other members was what pulled me through it, every time!"

There’s nothing like the support of someone who has been there and done it to get things into perspective for you.

Since losing weight can you give some examples of how your life has changed?

I have so much more confidence in my appearance now. I love buying new clothes and dressing up to look good.

I’m able to accept compliments with good grace now, believing that they might actually be genuine!

I have more stamina and energy and feel that I am a good role model for my son and someone for him and my husband to feel proud of.

Exercise routines adopted?

I started by doing some running when I joined wlr, tentatively at first as I’ve had problems with my back over the years, then I really started to enjoy it.

As the weather got wetter and colder, I decided to invest in membership of a really good gym and persuaded my husband to join too.

"As I’ve got fitter I’ve taken up rock climbing again and loved the feeling of being thinner and lighter as there’s much less of me to pull up the wall!"

Life is even more busy and chaotic now, as one or the other of us is at the gym most nights and at the weekend, but we fit it all in somehow (well, with the usual exception of the housework!)

What do you love about your body now?

I love the fact I can fit into size 10 clothes (instead of squeezing into size 16’s) and I feel confident trying new styles and fashions again. I’ve actually got some muscles again and I’m enjoying seeing them develop!

  Before After
BMI 29.5 22
Body Fat 42.4 23.7
Chest 39 34
Waist 35 29
Hips 42.5 37

Do you want to include anything else that you feel is relevant and supportive and would help others? Tips to share???

I would say that planning in advance is the secret to success to lose weight on wlr. It’s everything from making sure that your house is stocked with good healthy food, your lunch and snacks for the following day are ready in the fridge to making sure your gym bag is always packed with fresh clothes.

You’re far less likely to turn to convenience foods and takeaways if you’ve got things planned out and you’re far more likely to go to the gym if you don’t come home and sit down first!

"I’d also say that one bad day doesn’t need to lead to another. You can always start afresh as many times as you need to."

You need to eat 3500 calories over maintenance to gain a lb, so things are rarely as bad as you think.

Also, plan for real life! I think I’ve managed to stick to my plan for as long because I have scheduled in meals out, drinks with the girls and treats.

You need to be realistic with yourself – if you’re too strict with yourself you’ll want to rebel and then you’ll really go wild!

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