Success Story: Beth

Success Story: Beth

Beth, Age 31
Start Weight 10st 7lbs
Current Weight 9st 3lbs
Goal Weight 8st 12lbs
Weight Lost 1st 4lbs
Working to Rate of Loss 1lbs per week

Diets History

Not that many, as I am a very fussy eater!

Tried the cabbage soup diet (awful!) and also tried Rosemary Conley plans.

The RC one was OK, but just too restrictive - I would stick to it for a couple of days then run out of willpower and head for the Mars bars!

Have you Lost Weight Before and Regained the Weight?

Not really. When I was a student I ate junk, drank too much, did no exercise - but somehow stayed slim!

Then I got a job as a barmaid where I was on my feet all day, and lost a bit of weight.

"Then in 1998 I started my accountancy training in London, and the weight gradually crept on until I was a size 14-16." 

Mainly due to croissants on the train for breakfast, Pret-a-Manger lunches, and being sat at a desk all day!

How Being Overweight has Affected you…

At my largest I felt really un-sexy (if that is a word!) and frumpy.

It kind of crept up on me, because I had never needed to diet when I was younger, and all of a sudden it seemed like I would just look at a cream cake and put on a pound!!

"I hated having to buy larger sizes (I had always been a 12 before) and felt that I couldn't wear trendy, young clothes."

For a while I just felt really resentful that I'd put on the weight - like, it's not fair I used to be slim and eat what I want, why should I have to diet!

Then eventually I realised that I was the one in control of my own body and if I wanted to lose weight it was up to me to get off my arse and do something about it!

Motivation to Lose Weight

Mainly vanity!!! OK it's for my health too but I'm ashamed to admit that if I was one of those naturally slim people who could eat rubbish and still be slim, I would!

In the "before" photograph I am the one in the Union Jack top! This was a fancy dress party for New Year's Eve and I was dressed as Ginger Spice (hence the dodgy tattoo and red hair!).

"I actually thought I looked quite good until I saw this photo - this was a bit of a wake up call!!"

I love being able to fit into sexy size 10 clothes and feeling that I am attractive - that is my main motivation.

Discovering Weight Loss Resources

It was advertised in Zest magazine.

I logged on for the free trial and knew straight away that this would really help me to lose weight.

How Weight Loss Resources Helps

I can't tell you how great it's been for me.

I'm a fussy eater, which is why traditional diets are hopeless for me - I'll look at the "lunch" options and there will only be one or two I like, which makes the diet very repetitive, so I end up not sticking to it.

With WLR I can eat what I want as long as I stay within my cals, so I tend to input my normal recipes/meals and then see where I could modify them to be healthier.

"In a nutshell WLR enables me to be totally flexible with my diet which suits me brilliantly." 

Having exercise cals factored in too is great - now I know that if I have a binge and go 500 cals over one day, I can work it off with an hour of Body Combat to get back on track.

The Best of Weight Loss Resources

I don't really use the food planner - I'm not that organised!

I use the food diary and I visit the boards at least once a day (which explains why I never get any work done!).

I don't post much on the boards but I do read a lot and find them very helpful and a great support.

It's so reassuring to know that other people feel the same way I do, and very motivating to see others losing weight successfully.

Beth's Tips for Losing Weight

Exercise, exercise and more exercise!

When I first started dieting I did videos at home, now I belong to LA Fitness and I have turned into a bit of an exercise junkie! (In fact as I write this it's Christmas Eve and I've just been to the gym!)

My other top tips are to always be honest when filling in the food diary and to take things slowly and not give up if you have a set back.

"If I'm having a bad week I will sometimes change my rate of loss to ½lb which instantly gives me more cals to play with." 

It's psychological I suppose but this makes me feel I can still stay on track, rather than feeling like "well I've blown it now so I might as well eat what I want" - as I did on other diets.

I have very little willpower, so if I can do it, so can you! And don't be hard on yourself if you occasionally lapse - we all do.

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* Note: The success stories published on Weight Loss Resources are written by WLR members, past and present, telling their own stories in their own words. As you will see if you read more than one or two of them, everyone's story is different and they have reached their success from a variety of starting points and lost weight at varying rates. Individual results may vary.

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