Success Story: Becka

Success Story: Becka

Becka, Age 27, Height 5ft 3in
Start Weight 10st 7lbs
Current Weight 8st 7lbs
Goal Weight 8st 7lbs
Weight Lost 2st
Working to Rate of Loss ½lb per week

Weight Loss History

I tried Weight Watchers online which was fairly good but it got hard to make food judgements as everything is in points!

WLR is the simplest site as it fits in with any eating pattern.

Have you Lost Weight Before and Regained the Weight?

I originally put on a couple of stone when I moved in with my boyfriend.

We used to eat loads of takeaways and drink gallons of wine and we didn’t notice the weight gain as we were happy and comfortable.

Well, they do say love is blind!

"Our idea of a hangover cure was a family bucket of KFC between us, then we’d have a Chinese for dinner." 

It terrifies me when I think about it now! We also worked together so drove there and back everyday and so got barely any exercise.

When we moved flats after about 18 months together I bought some scales and I was horrified to see how heavy I was.

"I’d never had any weight problems before and it was awful realising that my clothes hadn’t all shrunk in the wash, they were just too small for me!" 

I originally lost about a stone with Weight Watchers then joined this site to lose the rest.

It has come off fairly slowly but that has meant it has stayed off.

I got to my target of 8½ stone last year but half a stone crept back over Christmas and when we moved into our new house in January so I joined the gym to finish off the last 7lbs and I’ve finally done it.

I'm going to keep it off this time.

How Being Overweight has Affected you…

As soon as the realisation of how big I’d got hit me I was really unhappy.

I hated all my clothes and felt like an absolute blob all the time!

Losing this weight has boosted me no end. 

"I feel far more confident when I go out and I can get into all my ‘slim’ size 8 clothes now." 

I’m really glad I caught this weight problem fairly early and dealt with it. I find as I’m quite short weight shows up very easily on me!

Motivation to Lose Weight

Probably vanity! I hate my figure when I put on weight and I feel far happier when I’m slimmer.

My boyfriend is very supportive and happily eats whatever I cook so I don’t have to worry about cooking separately for him and that’s a great help.

"Once I made up my mind to lose the weight it has come off."

I’ve had blow out weeks, plateaus and lost interest in it but I’ve kept an underlying determination and although it’s been gradual it’s stayed off.

I also have a new motivation now of Race for Life in May.

I am hoping to run the full 5k and having never run before it’s a real challenge. So my new motivation is for fitness now I am at target.

Discovering Weight Loss Resources

I did a web search for calorie charts and stumbled across it. Hooray!

How Weight Loss Resources Helps

It has changed my lifestyle incredibly!

I now eat brown rice, wholemeal bread, wholewheat pasta and tonnes of veg.

"I feel so much healthier. I have also now joined a gym so am getting fit as well." 

The boards are absolutely brilliant for support and I love catching up with everyone.

Someone always has an answer to a question or a suggestion you hadn’t thought of. I really miss the boards when I’ve not been on for a while which sounds sad but I’ve met some lovely people on this site!

The Best of Weight Loss Resources

I always use my food diary unless I’m away on holiday as I love to plan what I’m having and it’s a great way of saving up enough calories for treats at the weekends!

I also check the boards regularly.

"I have been very quiet at work lately so I have been on the boards an awful lot! They are very addictive."

Becka's Tips for Losing Weight

If you stick to the cals and exercise as much as you can (even if it’s only a bit to start with) then you will succeed.

"It does take determination and willpower but there is so much support on the boards and from the HelpTeam that it makes it possible for anyone to achieve weight loss."

I would also say that the changes to your lifestyle you make have to be realistic. If you enjoy chocolate or a glass of wine (or ten) then allow for it in your week. You’ll never stick to it if you don’t!

If you’re feeling weak or need any help/advice, post it on the boards!

People often see things differently and it can help to have another person’s perspective, even on non-weight issues!.

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