Antonia's Weight Loss Success - Before and After

Despite saying she had many lapses (eg chocolate biscuits calling her name from the cupboard) Antonia managed to lose an impressive 2st 1lb in 3months and 1 week – not so easy when you’re only 5’2”!

Antonia Saw Off 2 Stone in 3 Months

Antonia, Age 52, Height 5ft 2in
Start Weight 11st 6lb
Current Weight 9st 5lb
Goal Weight 10st
Weight Lost 2 stone 1lb
Time Taken 3 months (and 1 week)

Antonia is known on wlr as "BuryHill"

It started because I couldn’t get into my favourite pair of 1961 trousers. 

There is no give in 60s clothes; they either fit or they don’t. And these didn’t.  Not even close.

I had lunch with an old friend, who looked amazing - slim, glowing skin, and so confident in her look and clothes.  She, who was normally a size 22, was now a size 10.  She had lost it over 12 months going to those weekly meetings.

Getting started with weight loss

I can’t force myself to go to Pilates once a week so I knew it wasn’t for me, but that evening as I rootled through the internet I found myself, by chance, on reading their reviews of diets, and I idly filled in my height/weight etc onto their trial page ...

... Without really meaning to, I was off and running.

"It’s all about the starting, really - the rest just follows."

The first week is the worst, of course. 

I ate up to the limit every day and quickly, out of necessity, worked out that if you want to eat anything meaningful on 1100 calories a day, then bread, cakes and biscuits needed to go. 

I found that I was ruthlessly truthful on the site, and took comfort at hungry times in their stats, I loved the graphs and charts and was carried by the novelty of it all.

But soon enough week 2 arrived, my stomach had shrunk and the hunger eased. 

I was into the Diet Tunnel ...

~ fretting about using semi-skimmed instead of skimmed

~ whether I should have pee’d before weighing

~ scanning the supermarket shelves for anything light, lighter, lightest, reduced, diet ...

~ obsessing about the next meal

Raspberries,  cherries and gallons and gallons of tea are my go-to fridge blockers. 

I had to buy ready meals for my family for a while, as I literally couldn’t stop myself nibbling through the fridge... 

... and it takes a while for the weight loss to really show which can be boring. 

As are weight plateaux. I stuck at 10 stone 8lbs for 6 days and nearly gave up. It drove me mad!  

But it too slipped away and soon my waistband easing had turned into needing to wear a belt.

Seeing my body changing

My bras got baggy.  My pants slipped, my shirts moved from fitted, to loose, to baggy, to too big. 

I obsessively weighed myself every morning and refused to believe the scales some mornings, and was thrilled other days.

"And the graph on my chart wiggled, but stayed with a steady downwards slant."

Antonia's Amazing Downward Line on her Results Graph
Antonia's Impressive Downward Line on her Results Graph


I wasn’t brilliant at dieting - I was unimaginative with my food (fruit, cereal, eggs, chicken, all plain, all easily calorie-countable) and I certainly had many lapses. 

~ Chocolate biscuits call my name from the cupboard. 

~ Cheddar bangs the fridge door and begs me for mayo. 

~ Crisps rattle in their packets as I walk by trying to get my attention.

After 2 small glasses of wine on an empty stomach one Saturday night, I demolished two bowls of Shreddies and half a pack of dark chocolate digestives. 

Heaven! It doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s logged on the site and you work around it.

Suddenly one morning, maybe 2 months in, hip bones appeared as I lay in bed. I’d totally forgotten about them. 

A waist slowly appeared. My thighs got thinner. I got a jaw-bone, and collarbones. 

Things I hadn’t seen in years!

"People began to say how well I looked, a while later they started to ask if I’d lost weight, a while later still they shrieked at me about amazing I looked.  It was all very gratifying and exciting."

Antonia enjoying her new, slim self
Antonia enjoying her new, slim self


Reaching my weight loss goal!

Now, 3 months later, I’ve lost 2 stone and reached my target but I still have a baggy tummy. 

I’m not going to try to lose more as I think it’ll show on my face (I’m 52) and I’m never going to be Elle McPherson, but I look a lot better and feel a lot better.

I enjoy getting dressed! 

"I may just wear a bikini this summer after years and years of suck-em-in swimming costumes!"

Oh, and it’s still the greatest novelty and joy to go shopping for clothes that I really like, rather than clothes that will waft, cover-up, disguise.

Next challenge: maintenance...

After sending her story to us, Antonia got in touch a few weeks later to tell us she was on a beach, thoroughly enjoying her holiday, in her brand new bikini!

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