Ange's Amazing Before and After 9st Weight Loss Photos
Ange's Amazing Weight Loss Success

Health concerns motivated Ange to use the tools of Weight Loss Resources to lose over 9½ stone in weight. Read Ange’s inspiring weight loss story.

Ange Lost Half Her Body Weight!

Ange, Age 48, Height 5ft 5in
Start Weight 19st 4lb
Current Weight 9st 9lbs
Goal Weight 11st
Weight Lost 9st 9lb
Working to Rate of Loss 2lb per week

About Ange

I run the UK Sales operation for a large European Group spending a lot of time travelling and I am often car bound.

Not being able to be active as often as I should has at times meant I haven’t lost weight despite doing all the right things apart from move.

Dinners in hotels, customer visits etc are hard to manage and getting over the feeling I should eat the chips because they put them on the plate took a while. 

The demon wine bottle (why do they put it in 250ml lots?), has put paid to many a good day until I woke up and smelt the grape and realised I wanted to lose weight more than I felt I deserved a drink.

"Married to a man who has never judged me by my weight; who always knew me as chubby getting progressively very fat!"

One son aged 22, if stress and worry made you thin I wouldn’t be here!

Eating never a problem with them. I modify meals to suit myself or just cook separately for me. I’ve never found that to be a chore just part of what I had to do to lose weight.

Weight Loss History

Weight Watchers, Cabbage Soup, Slimming World. My supply of knitting patterns for cottage cheese is endless.

I don’t like public humiliation or to feel inadequate if I don’t hear a bell ring every week.

Points are way too fiddly for me, and I found that the second something was labelled forbidden I wanted it.

How Being Overweight Has Affected You…

At the time when I was severely overweight I honestly didn’t realise it.

I never looked in mirrors and got into the habit of reaching for a size 30/32 in Evans without considering that it was massive.

I was busy, happy and without any obvious health concerns

"Perhaps I was ignorant but I really didn’t notice people’s reactions to me at the time."

It’s only now that I’m half the size I was do I realise – through their reactions to me now. 

Motivation to Lose Weight

A very humiliating experience, and seeing a photo of myself with a bow and arrow and realising in a heartbeat that I was that Spongebob Square Pants.

Also the realisation that after reading an article on female heart attacks, I was a candidate.

How Weight Loss Resources Helps

It’s my tool – literally – to managing my weight.  The biggest realisation was portions!

"I used to eat 3 days calories worth of cheese in one sitting"

The calorie values/portion sizes really changed the way I thought about food.

The Best of Weight Loss Resources

It appeals to my sense of order.

I love the food diary because it allows me to make informed choices about whatever I choose to eat.

"I can manage myself discretely and without anyone checking up on me."

The database is my lifesaver; it takes all the hassle out of wondering what I’m eating. I can access it on the go via my PDA and I know exactly from day to day where I am.

The Runners Board, Members Forum – at first I used to lurk and watch and think I could never do it. Then one day I decided to try at the gym. And I’ve never looked back, even when I fell off the treadmill or could only do 5 minutes.

"I ran my first 10k last April, and now regularly run 10k on a Sunday."

The support on this board has been phenomenal.

Why do you think WLR has helped you lose weight where other diets have failed?

Because there is no accountability and I don’t feel pressured.

"If I don’t lose weight one week then I don’t feel under pressure to starve the following week."

The Members Forum had some great experienced WLR’s when I first joined and their invaluable tips and support got me into the habits, which have led to my weight loss.

Ange's Weight Loss Tips

  • Weigh everything, guess nothing!
  • Be honest, you are only deceiving yourself otherwise.
  • If you mess up one day, log the calories and move on. Life gets in the way but it’s not an excuse to empty the fridge in one sitting.
"Don’t compare yourself to others, this is about you and no one else."
  • Eat a rainbow – the more variety the better and be experimental with food.
  • Don’t be afraid to try any exercise, even walking can be daunting if you are big, but no need.
"Get out there and do baby steps. Believe in yourself."

When I first started to lose weight I wanted it all to be gone in a couple of weeks and I had to manage my own expectations and learn not to be devastated if it didn’t happen.

No-one noticed I had lost weight until I was about 3 stone down and then it was just a ‘difference’. I stopped seeking validation from anyone or anything and learned to understand me.

Lifestyle Changes

My bank account is slimmer than me because for the first time since I was 20 I can shop in any shop.

"Slipping on a pair of size 12’s makes me want to cry and I don’t want to lose that feeling."

I find it hard still not to recognise the reflection in the mirror and if I’m honest there is a demon in my head that still says fat, fat, fat, but I recognise it and understand it as my insecurity.

I am so active I actually wear people out now! I can’t sit still and I love it.

Exercise Routine

Gym: Weight / Resistance Training



Diet Changes

Eat now: all vegetables, fish

Before: pasta, cheese, rice, white bread, cake

I don’t eat pasta or cheese at all. I was addicted to them (pound of cheese in one sitting, whole bag of pasta).

Typical Dinner Before: Pasta, pesto, bottle of wine, French bread, cheese

Typical Dinner Now: Grilled chicken or tuna steak, roasted vegetables, salad, 1 glass of wine

Any Major Changes?

I got a promotion to MD last year. I think part of the reason I got it was that I now look as if I am in control.

Losing weight and gaining control of me might be unfair but I am sure it’s how I was perceived before (being out of control).

My relationship with my husband hasn’t changed for me but he’s become jealous since I have lost weight!

My Mother is so proud of me and finally admitted that she used to fear for my life literally. Not so happy when I pinch her size 12 jeans but still gets a shock when she sees me."

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