Success Story: Alison
Alison's Weight Loss Success

Alison has used the tools and resources of Weight Loss Resources to control her food intake. To date, she is 3½st lighter, fitter and healthier.

Success Story: Alison

Alison, Age 44, Height 5ft ½"
Start Weight 13st 4lbs
Current Weight 9st 9lbs
Goal Weight 9st 4lbs
Weight Lost 3st 9lbs
Working to Rate of Loss 1½lbs per week

Weight Loss History

Didn’t do any official diets.

I used to be very active and whilst I was always what you might call chunky I was pretty fit and never had to bother that much about what I ate.

I used to go sea kayaking and diving, and worked with kids in an adventure playground, and that was enough.

Have you lost weight before and regained the weight?

No, it’s gradually snuck up on me!

I always felt that I was fat since I was a child, but looking at photos I really wasn’t.

How being overweight has affected you…

My weight kept creeping up when I was no longer able to do all the outdoor sport I used to before I had children. Walking to the café doesn’t really count!

I didn’t really notice my weight going on as it went on fairly evenly and I still had a decent figure but I started to think there weren’t any nice clothes in the shops any more!

Motivation to Lose Weight

Having got down to 8 st 12lbs last time round on WLR,

"I just really enjoyed being able to easily find clothes that suited me, and felt more energetic."

Discovering Weight Loss Resources

Someone mentioned it at work.

How Weight Loss Resources Helps

I had a pretty healthy diet but I had absolutely no concept of portion control, and the site clearly demonstrates how to do that.

"I love the fact that you can enter any combination of foods you like, even the half fish fingers stolen from the kids’ plates, and the site can cope with that."

I don’t eat meat, and most diets don’t cater for that, so being able to make my own diet fit the calories was much more useful to me.

I didn’t change what I ate much, but I eat pasta less often as I just couldn’t eat a small amount.

Being able to enter a recipe and have the nutritional content calculated is really useful.

"I really like the way that the site allows you to cut back very slightly and still see benefits."

In the same way that eating a small amount extra in a week will gradually build up, you can reduce very slightly and see a difference over time.

Generally the amount of control the site gives you is what I love.

I don’t like being told what to do, but WLR treats you like a grown up- you get the tools and make of them what you will, and I think that’s what makes it sustainable over the long term.

The Best of Weight Loss Resources

I used only the food diary for a long time. I think I was just unlucky as the first couple of times I looked at the message boards.

People seemed to be complaining about having gone out and had 13 Bacardi Breezers or some such thing. Feeling very vulnerable and unsure of myself I was wary of being swamped by other peoples’ problems.

"I started to use the message boards and have had so many good laughs and good advice, whether on the subject of weight loss or not."

I really like the fact that you can get such a range of opinions on every topic.

We all enjoy deciding what hairdo someone should have, or what colour they should paint their living room, but there is also real concern and support when people hit the hard times.

The occasional special challenges set up by WLR have been a good opportunity for people to support each other through achieving a goal.

Alison's Tips for Losing Weight

Fill in the food diary. Weigh everything. Don’t be put off by the occasional mistake but also:

I try to always know where my next meal is coming from- hunger and desperation mean bad choices. I usually have something to eat in my bag.

I can’t really drink and be sensible around food, especially buffets, so I try not to put myself in that situation too often.

Shorter term goals work best. If I’d thought I was going to lose so much weight I’d never have started.

When I was in the midst of losing 3 ½ stone I always had the next sized pair of jeans waiting for me (thanks Barnardos!). I always knew I’d got there when they fitted.

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