Success Story: Alana
Alana: Weight loss success story

Alana shows her determination as she gets into shape for her wedding.

Success Story: Alana

Alana, Age 22, Height 5ft 3in
Start Weight 12st 2lbs
Current Weight 11st 1lb
Goal Weight 9st 6lbs - 10st
Weight Lost 1st 1lb
Working to Rate of Loss 1lb per week

Dieting History

Slimming World, I did this for about 1 year, I don't think it's a very good diet really. It allows you to eat massive portion sizes.

Have you lost weight before and regained the weight?

I went down to 9 1/2 stone and it all went straight back on.

On Being Overweight…

I used to get quite grumpy with my boyfriend; he can eat anything and not put weight on.

I'd sit with a nice healthy salad while he had a KFC, but its worth it I feel loads better now; I'm looking forward to the summer, and even going swimming!!

I used to hate it when friends told me how I should lose weight, it really bugged me it made me feel patronised. I know how to do it it's just putting it into practice.

Motivation to Lose Weight

I think everyone knows I'm getting married.

"I can't wait, it has really inspired me to shift some weight."

The thought of walking up the aisle and having all those eyes on me is nerve wracking, I was worried people would say ''you look lovely, really beautiful'' and really be thinking "god look at the size of her bum", or "hasn't she got fat arms".

I had my final dress fitting recently: it's a size 14 and feels really loose now instead of skin tight, I feel and look a lot better than I did in it last October.

Another thing is the honeymoon. I was really dreading getting clothes and swimwear.

I know my hubby to be will love me whatever but I'm so glad I now have confidence, and I think that's really important.

Discovering Weight Loss Resources


"I was searching the internet for some miracle cure to being over weight and I found you lot."

It's not happening over night but I'm really getting there now.

How Weight Loss Resources Helps

This really is such a great site I can't preach about it enough.

"The food diary is brilliant, it really has changed my eating habits for good."

The exercise diary really motivates you and really does make you see that every little helps.

It's brilliant to see your BMI and body fat report change, I have lost loads of inches and its good to be able to see it all come together.

I think the best part really is the boards. The support is amazing, so much better then just going to a class once a week.

They're brilliant for weight loss and any problems at home,

"there is always someone ready to pick me up if I'm down."

The Best of Weight Loss Resources

I use it all really but mostly the boards because of the great support, they are so addictive. I use the food and exercise diary everyday, I would be lost without them.

Alana's Tips for Losing Weight

My biggest tip is weigh everything. It's so easy to overdo things. It's quite a shock when you haven't been weighing yourself and then you do.

Be honest in the food and exercise diaries; if you're not you are only lying to one person and that's yourself.

Do you want to include anything else that you feel is relevant and supportive?

The wedding is on the 3rd of July at 2.30pm at Hasketon Church in Woodbridge.

I'm going to the Maldives on honeymoon which was meant to be a surprise but I found boyfriend's credit card bill oopps!! I have got boyfriends dad giving me away, as I don't see mine. (no great loss ;o)) I don't really know what to say about it really.

I am having quite a healthy meal for our wedding breakfast. We are having duo of melon platter, Roast Norfolk Turkey and veg and profiteroles for dessert (but I'm only gonna have one, honest).

I have vowed that I will walk around our island at least once a day to try and keep trim but as I've said before, this really is a good site so I should be able to eat whatever I want as long as I keep moving!

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