3 Stone Weight Loss Success Stories

Weight Loss Resources has helped thousands of men and women lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. Our 'Success Stories' section highlights our readers' favourites. Browse their stories and find out their weight loss secrets.

Success Story: Ann

Ann tried Weight Watchers and other UK slimming clubes before finding Weight Loss Resources - here's her slimming success story.

Dianne | Age 35 | Height 5'6 | Weight Loss: 3 st 5 lb (21.3 kg)

Feeling old, frumpy and downright invisible, busy working Mum Dianne knew she had to lose weight. Using wlr has helped her to plan and keep track of her weight loss to become lighter and fitter. Read about Dianne’s weight loss success.

Lyndsey | Age 37 | Height 5'4 | Weight Loss: 3 st 7 lb (20.4 kg)

An ankle injury left Linz with difficulties exercising. Using WLR Linz has lost 3 stone and shown that it is possible to lose weight without exercising.

Sarah | Age 32 | Height 5'4 | Weight Loss: 3 st 4.5 lb (21 kg)

Having been overweight her whole adult life, 32 year old Sarah finally broke the yo-yo cycle and lost over 3stone

Rachael | Age 46 | Height 5'5 | Weight Loss: 3 st 3 lb (20.5 kg)

After realising her obstacles were just 'excuses', Rachael lost over 3 st and feels miles better both 'within myself and about myself' - read her story to find out how...

Simon| Age 55 | Height 5'11 | Weight Loss: 2 st 9 lb

Simon got the push he needed from his wife and lost almost 3 stone over lockdown! He no longer struggles with everyday tasks and feels healthier than he has in years...

Helen | Age 45 | Height 5'5 | Weight Loss: 3 st 12 lb (24.5 kg)

Helen was in denial about her weight gain and saw herself as middle aged and frumpy. Read how calorie counting and using a food diary helped her successfully lose over 3¾ stone in weight.

Viv | Age 51 | Height 5'5 | Weight Loss: 3 st 10 lb (23.6 kg)

Viv lost almost 4 stone and dropped from a size 18 to a size 10 in just eight months using wlr's program. Read her real life weight loss story, including her own 'Top 5 Tips for Losing Weight'

Beverley | Age 42 | Height 5'4 | Weight Loss: 3 st 3 lb (20.4 kg)

Turning her back on "crazy diets" Beverley has used wlr to improve her knowledge of food and lose 12 inches

Rachael | Age 42 | Height 5'2 | Weight Loss: 3 st 10 lb (19.1 kg)

Rachael's continued to enjoy her gin and tonic whilst reaching her goal to lose 3 stone 10lbs.

Helen | Age 66 | Height 5'7 | Weight Loss: 3 st (19.1 kg)

Foot surgery and her love of jeans gave Helen the push she needed to get slimmer and fitter.

Tracy's Slimming Success Story

Turning 30 gave Tracy the kick-start she needed to lose weight. Here's her slimming success story.

Busy Mum, Sarah Lost 3.5 Stone Pregnancy Weight

Busy mum Sarah shares her dieting tips for her 3½ stone weight loss. Read about her diet and slimming success.

Calorie Counting and Food Diaries Work!

Calorie counting using the WLR online calorie counter, food diary and food nutritional database helped Julia get back in control of her weight and eating habits.

How Alison Lost Over 3 Stone with WLR

Using WLR has taught Alison everything about the foods she eats which has helped her to lose over 3 st.

Success Story: Jennifer

Tired of her weight fluctuating and making her feel miserable, Jennifer decided to take control and get to grips with her eating patterns.

Ian Lost 3 Stone Enjoying Things He Likes

"I think that the continual gentle emphasis on the fact that you can eat and drink whatever you like (although not necessarily as much of it as you would like!) is a hugely positive message." Read Ian's Story

How Stephanie lost 3 Stone with wlr

This is a weight success story that is an example to us all. Stephanie tells us exactly how she lost weight. Another of our inspiring weight loss examples.

Steven's Weight Loss Success

Chronic indigestion and frustration with a sedentary lifestyle prompted Steven to lose weight. See how he lost over 3 ½ stone when he used cycling and achieved weight loss success.

Hazel Diet Success Story

Hazel's motivation to diet sprung from wanting to be healthy. Here's how she lost over 3 stone with a healthy diet.

Changing Habits Helped Jo

Although Jo was always active, junk food and comfort eating meant she wasn’t as successful at weight loss as she wanted. Changing her habits and building a healthy relationship with food helped her lose over 3 stone. Read how using the WLR tools helped her reach her goal.

Success Story: Adele

Adele has seen her confidence and self-esteem soar after losing 3st 11lbs, here's her story...

Ann's Diet Success Story

After yo-yo dieting for 40 years, Ann now has less than 10kg to lose to reach her weight loss goal.

Success Story: Matt

Matt reveals how his desire to fit into his clothes properly has motivated his weight loss of nearly 5 stone!

Hayley Has Never Felt SO Great (nor gotten so many compliments)

Hayles has used WLR to take the effort out of calculating calories. It has encouraged her to be fit not just slim as it has shown her how many calories she earns through being active! The end result: 3 stone loss in bodyweight.

Success Story: Lindsey

Lindsey's goal to improve her running speed motivated her to lose 3½ stone.

James Diet Success Story

James (23) successfully shed 3 stone after an embarrasing 'trouser incident' here's his success story and top dieting tips.

New Mum, Sophie Lost 3½ Stone and Feels Like her Life Has Begun

Calorie Counting helped new mum Sophie lose weight. Read how many calories she needed to lose over 3½ stone.

Glynn Fits into 32” Waist Trousers and his Confidence is Sky High

Glynn decided to lose weight for his health and confidence. Read how his passion for health and fitness spurred him on to lose over 3 stone in weight.

Success Story: Gillian

Having tried every fad diet, Gillian decided enough was enough. Using WLR, Gillian has lost over 3st and is determined to be slim forever.

Success Story: Jon

Jon found being overweight a drag and decided to take control of his life to become fitter, healthier and more confident.

Success Story: Gill

Using the tools of WLR has helped Becky lose 3st 7lbs and she feels healthier than ever.

Success Story: Liz

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Success Story: Becky

Using the tools of WLR has helped Becky lose 3st 7lbs and she feels healthier than ever.

Clare Lost 3 stone and Loves her Curves

Following major surgery, Clare found weight loss difficult as she could not exercise. Read how walking helped her lose over three stone in weight and get more compliments every day.

Success Story: Pete

Pete's lost over 3 stone and is 4lbs away from his goal weight here's his story.

Success Story: Dayle

Dayle's goal to be healthy and reduce the risk of heart disease has motivated her to lose nearly 4 stone.

Julie's Weight Loss Success Story

Low self esteem meant Julie would eat in secret, often at night. Read how she discovered a love of exercise, gained confidence and lost over 3st.

Matthew Tried Weight Watchers - but Found Slimming Success with wlr

Yo-yo dieting and unrealistic goals set Matthew Brennan (aka ZODYACK) up for weight loss failure every time. His desire to be at the bottom weight of the average weight for a male of his age and height meant he was never satisfied with the image he saw in the mirror. Read how he has learned to set a realistic weight goal and now loves what he has, with a little help from wlr.

Geraldine Likes the Freedom of wlr

Fine dining and large portions were not helping Geraldine’s weight. Read how she used the Weight Loss Resources diaries to help lose 3½ st.

Jessie's Weight Loss Success Story

Being overweight all of her life and now realising that it was affecting her health, Jessie lost over 3¼ stone. Share her weight loss journey.

Adam's Weight Loss Success Story

Tired of relentless jokes from his friends about his weight and worries about heart disease prompted Adam to start his weight loss journey. Read how WLR’s extensive database and a return to exercise helped him lose nearly 4 stone in weight.

Success Story: Martin

As a local councillor, Martin felt a hypocrite talking about health and wellbeing issues. This spurred his weight loss goals with WLR. To date he has lost 2 stone.

Success Story: Mark

WLR has helped Mark to adopt a more structured and healthy eating plan making changes to his calorie intake.

Allyson's Weight Loss Success Story

Busy working mum Allyson wanted to lose weight for a healthier lifestyle. She changed her life and lost over 3 stone in weight.

Lee's Weight Loss Success Story

Fears of a heart attack spurred Lee on to lose nearly 4 stone in weight. See why his weight loss by calorie counting means he smiles more…

Graham's Weight Loss Success

Graham has achieved successful weight loss with the help of WLR. He has managed to combine his busy schedule and work load with a new approach to weight loss, helping him to lose three stone!

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* Note: The success stories published on Weight Loss Resources are written by WLR members, past and present, telling their own stories in their own words. As you will see if you read more than one or two of them, everyone's story is different and they have reached their success from a variety of starting points and lost weight at varying rates. Individual results may vary.

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