21 Short but Sweet Weight Loss Motivation Boosters

21 Short but Sweet Weight Loss Motivation Boosters

It can be tough to keep going when you're trying to lose weight. Especially when getting to the next size down is weeks away and the reward of an indulgent takeaway is almost immediate.

So here's 21 real reasons why weight loss is so worth it - to give your motivation a kick where it needs it most. All from WLR members' personal experience.

  1. "Being able to slide out of car when parked in a narrow place."
  2. "Looking forward to meeting friends who I haven’t seen for ages knowing that I am considerably lighter (not considerably heavier) than the last time we met."
  3. "The relief of not having to think about it all the time and trying to work out which diet works."
  4. "Enjoying summer instead of resenting it."
  5. "I realised health doesn't have to be all or nothing and have been treading that grey area. Particularly with exercise as there's been no gym, mainly walking and the occasional dumbbell workout."
  6. "I love the fact I can now wear my bra all day without cutting off my blood supply!"
  7. "Having lots of clothes in my wardrobe all of which fit! At my fattest I had far fewer clothes and most were too small. Picking what to wear each morning was just awful."
  8. "Just being able to walk further / stand longer. Today we were by the sea and I was actually walking whilst Hubbie pushed my wheelchair for some of the time."
  9. "Being able to squeeze between gaps in tightly packed restaurants without causing mayhem!"
  10. "I don't feel overtly anxious around food anymore. Win!"
  11. "I have loads more energy and am not having massive sugar highs and lows, which has helped so much in managing my moods."
  12. "No heartburn."
  13. "The biggest and best benefit has been being able to take up running again, which has opened a whole new world of activities and new friends, both for me and my OH."
  14. "I'm learning to love my body throughout the process."
  15. "Not always wearing 'black'."
  16. "Needing less time to take a shower and get dressed each morning. Used to take me 1.5 hours and now takes 45 minutes!"
  17. "Loading my plate at a buffet without thinking people are thinking "No wonder she's fat!" (It also works strangely the other way round i.e. if you only eat a lettuce leaf at a buffet when you are fat, you can see people thinking "who is she trying to kid"!)"
  18. "Not having asthma attacks."
  19. "I've been trying a lot of new tasty recipes which has been fun."
  20. "Walking to the the pool in a swimming costume or going in a shop to try clothes and knowing I look ok!"
  21. "I decided I was going to do this and have stuck to it. Massive sense of achievement!"

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