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About the Products

Food & Exercise Jotter (worth £1)

Track your food and exercise every day for a month with our Food and Exercise Jotters.

Little Book of Weight Loss Habits (RRP £7.99)

With your help, this little book will give you a great start along the path of successful, long term, weight loss

Strength Training with Resistance Bands + 1.5m Resistance Band (RRP £9.98)

If you're looking for simple exercises that will help you to get rid of some wobbly bits, build some strength and burn calories, this book, with a resistance band, is a great place to start.

Veg-Up! Recipe Book (RRP £12.99)

Practical, simple, and the majority quick to cook, these are recipes that you'll actually want to make rather than just look at. Better still they are all calorie counted, proving you can eat lovely food while still losing weight.

Calorie, Carb & Fat Bible 2019 (RRP £19.99)

The Calorie, Carb and Fat Bible tells you what's in what you eat from a humble carrot to a gourmet meal out..

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