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A Practical Guide to Getting Started with Weight Loss

By Rebecca Walton, wlr team

Getting started with weight loss is easy when you know how! With a bit of motivation and the right practical advice, you can make a great start on your weight loss journey - making lasting changes with the right approach.

Weight loss success comes from understanding what your body needs and using strategies that are proven to help you lose weight - but most importantly, it needs to fit with your lifestyle.

Dropping lbs and dress sizes doesn't have to mean deprivation - planning fo a healthy diet that has the flexibility to include treats, social events, and the ups and down of day to day life is what will lead to lasting success.

Our Getting Started with Weight Loss pdf (download below) gives you all the basic information you need to start your journey with confidence - knowledge is power!

There's no complicated lists of foods that are not allowed, no pills and potions, no fads...

Just straight forward, evidence based tactics to help you take control, lose weight, and keep it off for good.

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Getting Started with Weight Loss - Understanding Calories
Find out what you need to know about calorie needs and weight loss...

How to Lose Weight

Our Getting Started with Weight Loss pdf covers the key information you need to start your journey from a strong foundation:

  • Find out how many calories you need each day
  • Learn about balancing your calories over a week (giving you more flexibility)
  • Find out how much time you need to spend tracking your diet to be successful (hint - it really isn't long!)
  • 4 levers for managing your calories and losing weight while still enjoying food (and your social life)
  • Practical and realistic advice on portion sizes (including 11 surprisingly simple tips)
  • Useful links and resources to help you achieve your weight loss goals

Download the pdf and get started with the new you!

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