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Iexercise, a new weight loss management program has just been launched, but does it really work? WLR reports on this online workout website. Online Workout Program

By WLR's Jenny Fletcher is an online weight loss management website designed to help you shed those pounds but does it work and what’s it all about? We decided to take a look to bring you the lowdown.

Iexercise Background

The idea of is that you can manage your exercise and healthy eating with the interactive tools provided. It is the brain child of personal trainer Phil Crosby and is still in its infancy, only recently having been launched to the general public. We’ve put to the test to see if it can really help you lose weight.

How Does Work? focuses on calorie counting and exercise management. You have a food diary, in which you can enter what you’ve eaten every day, and an ‘Exercises’ section, which allows you to create online workouts and schedule them. It is very much a ‘do it yourself’ approach to weight loss - you determine your own direction to your weight and exercise management.

How Does My Food Diary Work?

The food diary is split into days and weeks and broken down into:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacks
  • Drinks

For each meal you are presented with a pie-chart detailing your protein, carb, fat and alcohol intake in grams, so you can see what goes in to each meal. The site also has a pie-chart for total daily macro-nutrients consumed and a bar graph showing your calorie intake over the last seven days. If you’re a fan of seeing your daily intake laid out in graph form then this part of the program could be a useful tool for your weight loss management.

You can also view your daily vitamin intake compared with your recommended vitamin intake. A staggering 22 different vitamin and mineral graphs are listed, so if you are concerned about your intakes you’ll certainly be provided with plenty of information!

The food database contains around 10,000 entries mainly comprising of averages and is small and limited. There are currently very few branded entries, so don’t expect to find all your favourite brands on there. For a varied and healthy diet you might struggle finding all the foods you need.

Serving sizes are all set to 100 grams, so enter 1 serving, and this will equate to 100 grams of whatever it is you ate. This can be confusing to begin with and is probably more time consuming than having set portion sizes (for example ‘1 slice’ for bread) however once your used to it, it does allow you to be specific and enter whatever portion size you like. For example, entering 0.24 as a serving size equates to 24g.

Weight Loss Resources has an online Food Diary to help with your weight loss management program. Take a free trial and to find out how many calories you need to eat to lose weight.

Does Iexercise Tell Me How Much I Should Eat?

The site does provide you with a daily calorie quota to aim for each day – it is called Calorie Expenditure and is essentially all the calories you have used during the day, based on the information you enter at sign up. However this figure is suggestive of what you need to maintain weight. To lose weight you must do your own calculations – the site suggests you need to burn 500 more calories than you eat to lose weight – but this is the extent of the help you get which could lead to under or over eating and not losing weight.

Your daily intake is shown on the bar graph next to your expenditure. To maintain your weight you need to match your expenditure and intake bars on your graph. To lose weight your intake bar must be lower than your expenditure, but there is no advice as to how much lower. Daily intake is listed separately to expenditure, so unlike WLR you don’t see running totals of calories in and out for the day. If you want to see how many calories you have left for the day you might need to get the calculator out!

The calorie intake and expenditure graphs are in their own tab, so there is a lot going back and forth between your Food Diary and Tracking pages to compare what you’re eating with what you should have eaten.

Can I Use Iexercise To Set Goals?

There are a wide range of goal-setting options and you can set more than one goal. From losing inches on your neck, waist or arm to a weight loss goal you can be specific and plot how you would like your body to change. Unfortunately there is no indication of how long it might take you to reach your goal, or how much you can expect to lose each week, nor is there any advice on what a recommended healthy weight might be for your height.

This lack of information could lead to members setting unrealistic goals or losing too much weight. Nonetheless, if you are keen on getting an accurate picture of your weight loss, it encourages you to be specific about your size and measure a lot, which can be motivating if you are losing inches rather than pounds on the scales!

Tell Me More About Online Workouts

The exercise diary is known as 'Exercises’ and is fairly detailed. You plan ahead with your online workouts, rather than inputting once you’ve completed them, which means it’s good for exercise magement, however it’s easy to plan exercise and not follow it through.

You can create your own online workout, or use one already created by the site or by another member. You activate a programme and follow it for the duration. You can submit your exercise progress online once you have completed a workout, to help you manage how you’re doing.

‘Exercises’ is a good exercise management device and you can plan your workouts in advance and around your other commitments.

Weight Loss Resources has an extensive online exercise database and diary so you know how many calories you burn in your workouts. To take a look, try it free for 24 hours.

What Are The Pros of Iexercise?

No foods are banned – you can eat whatever you like which might help you stay motivated (although there is a limited information on what constitiutes a healthy diet, so you are not really encouraged to change your eating habits).

If you’re a fan of technology and graphs, the website certainly looks good and a lot of information is displayed graphically.

The exercise management section allows you to make detailed plans and workouts online and schedule in all your exercise. This will appeal to those who like to plan ahead or who are training for something specific.

What Are The Cons of Iexercise?

The main problem is the lack of information on the site. There are no articles for information and guidance and as a result it’s difficult to get any advice or tips. This means it’s a bit of a struggle to know where to start when it comes to weight loss management.

The site still has several bugs and is still developing, so expect to come across a few obstacles along the way.

Options For Joining . . .

There is a free trial with limited access to the site, so you will need to join up as a member to get an idea of what it’s really like. Membership is £29.99 per year.

Iexercise Support

There are message boards, although these are not particularly busy. You can create a ‘group’ and start off your own thread on whatever topic you choose, although a group only contains one thread so it can get a bit confusing following discussions!

There is no ‘Helpteam’ as such and although help from staff does crop up on the boards from time to time, it is not clear if you will get help by posting on the boards.

There is no option to e-mail or call in for support so it might be tricky to get help if anything goes wrong or if you need advice.

WLR’s Verdict . . . is a fun and interactive weight loss program that aims to give you access to your health and exercise information wherever you are. It focuses on calorie counting, which is a sensible way to shift the pounds but doesn’t give you a starting point for your calorie intake.

However the site lacks a lot of essential information. The lack of guidance means you’re left on your own and will struggle knowing how to go about your weight loss management. The lack of support and contact information is also a big drawback.

Start a Free Trial Today

WLR can help you keep track of your workouts with your Exercise Diary. Log your exercise and see how many calories you could burn. Try it free for 24 hours.

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Start a Free Trial Today

WLR can help you keep track of your workouts with your Exercise Diary. Log your exercise and see how many calories you could burn. Try it free for 24 hours.

Take our FREE trial »

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