The Weight Loss Resources Guarantee

The Weight Loss Resources Guarantee

Weight Loss Resources has helped thousands of people lose weight, that's why we have complete confidence in making our guaranteed weight loss promise.

Our Promise:

Complete your food diary every day, stay within your calorie allowance and you WILL lose weight  guaranteed, or your money back.

Here's how it works:

Complete your food diary, honestly and completely for a four week period, and . . .

Stay within your calorie allowance in each of the four weeks

This means you can go over your calorie allowance on a few days of the week, provided you make up for it on other days and don't exceed your allowance for the week.

If you don't achieve at least 75% of your targeted weight loss, we'll refund your subscription for the month

And work with you to see what adjustments could be made to help you achieve your goals


1. Be honest

Make sure you add everything to your food diary - including drinks

2. Ask for help

If you find you're not losing weight at the rate you expected over a period of two weeks, contact the helpteam or post a message on the boards to get help and support from other members

3. Claim within one week

You must let us know within 7 days of the end of the four week period you wish to claim for.

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