Features and Benefits of Weight Loss Resources

By WLR's Site Manager, Laurence Beeken

So what makes us different? How can you benefit from weight loss success and why are the Weight Loss Resources tools key to that success?

Benefits of Weight Loss Resources

  • No food is banned
  • Easy to use, just point and click
  • Easily keep track of your own nutrition, exercise, measurements and weight loss progress
  • Provides you with the tools that you need to take control of your own weight loss and fitness goals
  • Browse the largest food database in the UK
  • Create your own recipes and plans or use ours to create healthy meals
  • Turn your computer into your personalised weight loss mentor
  • Takes the guess work out of weight loss
  • Teaches you how to spot unhealthy choices
  • No need for specialist knowledge or expensive foods

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Goals & Results

Weight Loss Resources helps people assess their weight and decide on a realistic healthy target weight that can be achieved and maintained. This approach emphasises healthy and sustainable weight loss which benefits from lifestyle changes.

We know that in order to lose weight you need to see where you are now and where you want to be, and all of the WLR tools are customisable by you to suit your individual circumstances.

Key features:

  • At a glance results
  • Colour coded graphs show your results
  • See your statistics for start, current and target weight
  • Instant update buttons
  • Tailor your rate of weight loss
  • Customisable nutrition reports
  • Automated guidance based on what you want to achieve and how long you want to take to get there
  • Informative help section

Food Diary

Home to the UK’s largest calorie and nutritional database, (60,000 records & constantly updating) the Food Diary provides real awareness of calories consumed and encourages members to use this knowledge to make changes to develop eating habits that suit their lifestyle and benefit weight loss success.

You can add favourite foods, recipes and plans to make input and recording child’s play. Browse & search functions allow you to search the entire database in an instant to add both recipe and ingredient servings to your diary.

Simple screen summaries and customisable reports allow you to monitor your nutritional intake – even down to how much water you have drunk!

Plus, by adding food plans you can create a shopping list of items to buy meaning you only buy what you need so Weight Loss Resources gives you tips to save money on your food shop!

Recipes are a real help when you are stuck for low calorie ideas; you can either select from the huge number of database ideas or create your own, plus you get to specify exactly what you want with the search function even down to the last calorie.

Key Features:

  • Browse & search functions
  • View calories & summaries at a glance
  • Add & view favourite foods
  • Create & view recipes
  • Create food plans & shopping lists
  • Set meal descriptions & times
  • Customisable reports
  • Easy to follow help
  • Keep a journal & record your thoughts.

Exercise Diary

WLR emphasises the importance of exercise for everyone and reiterates the benefits of calories expended through different activities aiding weight loss goals.

With over 300 different exercises in the database, you can easily keep track of your exercise and earn extra calories for your food diary.

The WLR database even includes records for housework, so even the simplest of chores can help towards your weight loss goals and ensures that everyone can benefit regardless of ability.

Key features:

  • Search from over 300 exercises
  • Add & view favourite exercises
  • Create exercise plans tailored to your routine
  • View exercise summary at a glance
  • Customisable reports
  • Keep a journal to record your thoughts
  • Easy to follow setup

Member’s forum

WLR recognises an integral part of any weight loss programme should include ongoing support. Through the Members Forum, Weight Loss Resources members benefit from shared advice, tips, and experiences plus they support each other.

Our members are some of the friendliest people that you could hope to meet on your weight loss journey. Eager to share their experiences and help if you are feeling demotivated, members get full use of all of the boards and we don’t limit the topics purely to weight loss! You can pop in anonymously or shout your achievements (or frustrations) from the rooftops – the choice is yours.

Private messaging and access to our Help team board means that help and support is never far away and we make sure your views and comments are never ignored.

Key features:

  • Multiple message board topics
  • Private messaging
  • Keep track of friends
  • Add progress updates – update your profile, add pictures, create & share recipes
  • Chat rooms
  • Easy to use help
  • Buddy System
  • New topics viewing pane
  • Tag important messages for easy find
  • Keep track of new replies
  • Customisable views.

Buddy System

Support can come from a friend, partner, colleague at work, self-help group, health professional, health club, slimming group, book, tape or video, diet ‘buddy’ or chat room/forum. WLR recognises that getting the right support is a vital part of long term slimming success so in 2010 we introduced a buddy system to help with your weight loss motivation.

Key Benefits:

  • Gives you support from someone with a similar goal
  • May contribute to weight loss and long term success
  • Sharing of experiences
  • Additional motivation


WLR provides extensive information on weight loss, healthy eating, fitness and nutrition written by Dieticians and health professionals.

If you have a weight loss question then we have the answer in plain and easy to understand articles and advice. Because we do not advocate any particular diet or plan, we can offer you impartial advice and always take an unbiased view on the current diet ‘trend’ and celebrity lifestyles. The welfare and success of our members is always our priority.

Key Benefits

  • Guides and ‘How to’ articles
  • Food files and recipe information
  • Fitness and exercise articles
  • Diet Reviews
  • Success stories
  • Multiple topics
  • Full access to all articles

Success stories bring you the achievements from the people who matter – our members. Real life stories, from real people, warts & all!


WLR challenges are renowned for their ability to provide you with motivation just when you need something a little different to kick start your weight loss. Fantastic prizes coupled with support & guidance ensures that you are kept on the path to weight loss success.

No one is excluded and anyone can join in.

Key benefits:

  • Motivating
  • Challenging
  • Enjoyable and fun
  • Achievable
  • Informative
  • Rewarding


Our award winning help team are always on hand with practical advice and a sympathetic ear.

With clear service goals and a weight loss guarantee, we aim to be the first choice for people wanting to lose weight, improve health and enjoy the lifestyle they were meant to live.

Key Benefits:

  • All staff are qualified in Human Nutrition
  • We aim to answer all emails and messages within ½ hour during opening hours.
  • You can contact us 24hours a day

Mobile Site

Key features:

  • Update your food diary
  • Update your exercise diary
  • Update your goals and results
  • Update your journal
  • keep in touch with your friends on the message boards
  • Use whenever and wherever is convenient for you
  • No app to download - Just go straight to the WLR site on your mobile

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  • and Exercise Database - see how many extra calories you burn doing the activities you enjoy.

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