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Know Your Whys: Reasons to Lose Weight, Reasons to be Slim

Vague ideas about what you might like to weigh at some point, are like ghosts.

Haunting you at times only to melt away as you get on with the now.

If you want to start making progress, on losing weight or any other life-changing project, you need to get some substance around those ideas and what they really mean to you.

If you’re expecting yourself to take action toward your goal, you’re going to need to train your mind on the reasons why it’s important and desirable … at least as desirable as sitting on the sofa with that packet of biscuits. (Or whatever unhelpful habits you tend to fall into on autopilot.)

What’s at Stake?

  • Negatives of what you want to move away from
  • Positives of getting to where you’d like to be

The following lists, ‘Reasons to Lose Weight’ (negatives) and ‘Reasons to be Slim’ (positives), come directly from the experience and insights of people who have reached their goal weight.

Reading through them will help you surface your own reasons and motivations. Note yours in some way.

Find ways to keep them top of mind: notes, lists, pictures, symbols, fridge magnets etc.

What gets noticed gets done!

Reasons to Lose Weight


Taking care of myself

“Reading an article in a magazine about a group of 50-60 year old women who took care of themselves and looked fantastic motivated me! I suddenly realised I am nearly 30, half their age, yet was letting everything go. I started to think what I would look like at 60 if I continued the way I’d been going.”

Missing out on the fun stuff

“A lot of my friends who are fit and healthy were always up to something like five-a-side football. I was never fit enough to take part, so missed out on a lot of fun.”

Being there for the kids

“I’m already an older mum, having my son when I’d just turned 40. He’ll have to lose his parents sooner than lots of other young men and it’s just not fair of me to make that time even shorter by not addressing my health.”

Dodgy knees

“My knee developed a dodgy sounding click ... The doctor advised it wasn't much to worry about but my weight wasn't helping and if I wanted my knees to last to old age, I'd have to do something about it.”

Heart fears

“The realisation after reading an article on female heart attacks, I was a candidate.”

Friend’s tipsy remark

“I was at a wedding and joked that I would borrow the bride's dress for my own wedding and a friend (who was a bit tipsy!) laughed and said I'd be at least 2 sizes too big for it. I eventually bought a set of scales (didn't own any - denial again!) and was shocked to find out how much I weighed.”

Flight nerves

“I used to get nervous before flights in case the seatbelt wasn’t long enough. I had started to notice that my knees were getting achy as well with carrying all the extra weight.”

Stress getting dressed

“Getting dressed in the morning was a nightmare, I didn’t know what would fit me from one day to the next or if I would feel like a total mess in what I was wearing.”

Scary photo

“It took a photograph in which I look like my ex’s mother to really motivate me! It terrified me that I looked the same size as someone who I considered morbidly obese.”

Feeling self-conscious

“My main motivation for losing weight was due to how self-conscious I felt, but also for health reasons, and the fact that I wasn’t getting any younger.”

Not the life I want

“I felt uncomfortable being naked with my partner, and avoided photographs at all costs and I just didn't think that was any kind of way to live.”

Minimising health risk

“I can’t do anything about my parent’s illnesses but I can do something about being overweight . The less risk factors counting against me, the better chances I’ve got.”

Hiding away

“When I was overweight, I always felt invisible. I never chose clothes I liked, but always ones that would best hide the bulges.”


“I was tired and sluggish all the time and couldn't figure out why … I got a wake-up call when I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.”

Reasons to Be Slim



“There's nothing I wouldn't feel confident doing because of my weight now.”

Feeling younger

“Since losing the weight, random aches and pains that I put down to getting older have gone, I have loads more energy and I don’t snore anymore!”

Restocking the wardrobe

“I am now enjoying restocking my wardrobe with clothes I like as opposed to clothes that fit.”

Being more up for things

“I am slowly changing in being more up for things whether it’s a walk, trip to a spa or different types of clothes etc. I even did Sober October for Macmillan which I would never have even contemplated before.”

Finding my waist

“I've regained my waist; it now goes in, instead of out! I lost 16 inches off my waist, woohoo!”

Better health

“I did not realise until I lost the weight how much it was affecting my health both physically and mentally. Pains I had, and always convinced myself weren’t related to my weight, slowly disappeared.”

Enjoying summer

“I no longer fear summer, I used to get sweat patches under my arms and sweat profusely during any form of exertion; I can now wear grey shirts for work without fear of those tell-tale stains!”

Waking up happy

“Most important is that I made a promise to myself and I kept it. That pride in myself is what is going to help me maintain. I wake every morning happy and want to stay that way.”

Blood sugar controlled

“I was diagnosed with Type 2 and blood sugars of 11.9. I have since been told that I have reversed diabetes and my blood sugars are at a PERFECT 5.3."

Starting at the small end

“The best thing about losing weight is replacing the clothes that now hang off me. It is a lovely feeling starting at the small end of the clothes rails in the shops.”

Being one of the healthiest

“I have gone from being the most unhealthy person in the office to one of the healthiest.”

Looking like me again

“I have been looking at loads of old photos and have realised that facially I look like me again, like I used to look when I was in my early twenties and as a kid. Obviously a lot older, but me.”

Mind and body feel more active

“I even find I get up a lot easier in the morning and my mind as well as my body feels more active. I find myself wanting to do things, and go places that in the past felt like too much of an effort.”

Liking what I see in the mirror

“I enjoy getting dressed up for a night out and I can even wear a bikini with confidence. I like what I see in the mirror these days and it’s a wonderful feeling. I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved.”

Loving my body

“I love waking up and feeling my hips and tummy - the exact opposite of feeling my fat coverage and starting the day disappointed in myself.”

Having enough space

“I love going down the aisle on trains and not having to turn sideways, bumping into everything.”

Zest for life

“I have a new zest for everything: work, my family, hobbies, Christmas, OMG I could go on and on.”

Not feeling pre-judged

“My confidence has also improved since I don’t have as many doubts that I am judged before I open my mouth. I probably still am, I’ve just removed one of the things I can be pre-judged about!”

Not hiding my body

“I used to wear baggy clothes to hide my body, but I’m now proud of how I look and feel so much more comfortable wearing things that actually fit me.”

Ready for new opportunities

“I feel much more motivated about my life in general and I’m now studying towards a degree with the Open University.”

Pleasure from food

“I love my food now more than ever.”

Enjoying clothes shopping

“I’m having the greatest fun buying clothes because I like them, without having to worry about having to hide bulges.”

Feeling good about myself

“I have even been told that I look 10 years younger, which makes you feel really good about yourself and your achievement.”

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