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Diet is such a scary word

Well i'm hear again trying for the umpteenth time to lose those extra pounds, I desperately want to lose 10lbs in ten weeks, before i go on holiday. But whenever i tell myself 'right thats it, we're going to do it this time' I end up eating more crisps and chocolate then before! But I don't eat them because i'm hungry? How stupid is that.

It's as though some panic mode sets in, my body and brain know that I can't have, and don't really want these things, and therefore I feel I want them even more?

Has anyone got any advise or words of wisdom on this?

This is my biggest hurdle to overcome in order to reach my goal.


* * *

Even if you don’t post a lot like me it’s great to feel part of a community, and see that others are going through the same things as you. You don’t feel alone.  AMYBEE

* * *

Firstly dont tell youself your going on a diet cause that just makes you crazy! well it does me anyway.

I still have a packet of crisps or a bar of chocolate just add it into your food diary. When I really want a treat and I havent got enough calories I go for a quick walk and earn some. Maybe you could try fun size treats they are good.

Make the most of your planners and plan ahead so you know what you are going to eat that day then you will know if you have any spare for a treat or if you will have to work for it!

By using the diaries you will soon start changing your eating habits so you dont go over your calories.

Good luck I am sure you will lose the 10lbs! LOU

* * *

Its not about dieting its about eating right for life! I find that the panic button is pushed everytime I slim for a date, coz u become so concerned with time etc... u make a big deal out of it and worry about it and then u eat to feel better about it all and it becomes a disaster...

So now I just focus on a change for life... not for my summer holiday, not for a wedding... just for myself!

Step at a time! And even a little step is a step towards success! Give yorself credit for every effort! No matter how small!

Enjoy life and the weight will just drop off BARCELONAGIRL

* * *

I don't keep anything like that in the house, if is not here then i can't eat it, can i??

Good luck to you :O) JULIE

* * *

I think i am going to repeat everything thats already been said, but its true. Dont look at it as a diet, its a healthy lifestyle.

Have a packet of crisps if you want, chose a low fat low cal one like Quavers instead of things like walkers.

10lbs in 10 weeks is realistic, but dont punish yourself if you dont lose one week. THink of it as a lifetime of healthy eating and not 10 weeks.

I am sure you will be fine, just relax into a healthy fruit and veg filled life. FLICKY

* * *

Same as all that below! good things to treat yourself with so you don't get cravings:

Two finger kit kats, cadbury fudge bars, mini boxes of smarties, walkers square crisps, french fries and quavers. All of the above are around 100-120 calories, and you'd only have to walk for 30 minutes to earn that, even if you don't walk fast!

I totally get the manic mode - when I rove around the house, just needing to eat, and it is usually bad stuff that gets eaten. But when you feel like that, why not log on and post a message, get some support until it passes? It really can work!

Good luck, anyway. Everyone is here for you. JULIEDELL

* * *

Well the only thing that has stopped me is Paul McKenna's CD/book I Can Make You Thin.

I know it hasn't worked for everyone but for me I can't explain the lack of cravings for food and alcohol any other way. MOONLUSTIE

* * *

Old and new eating habits.....Confession time peeps

I used to eat at least 6 slices of bread per day (now I try to make it no more than 2) a family size bag of M&M’s, malteasers, revels etc could easily be eaten of an evening (I don't go there)

half a family sized apple pie as a meal (not on my shopping list)

a full portion of battered sweet n sour chicken and chips would be eaten at one sitting ( 2 meals now)

at least one choccie bar a day (fun size now if any)

6 slices of a stuffed crust pizza just as a late nite snack ( now its half a veggie pizza as a meal)

looking back now I’m surprised I didn't put more weight on than 2 stone my eating habits were soooooooo bad


how have your eating habits changed?


* * *

I used to go out and deliberately plan a binge and would buy a tube of pringles (savory taste), a big bag of minstrels (sweet), a giant pork pie (salty again) and several doughnuts (sweet again) and eat them alternating them so didnt get sense specific satiety (full of one taste eg sweet)

This was admittedly mostly at exam time and im not known for my relaxation skills but it was still awful! I also used to deliberately sabotage my diet as i was approaching target weight cos not being on a diet (and the control it provides) is really scary!! :o)

Getting slowly better and starting to accept that feeling full after a meal is not a bad thing :o) JULIAP

* * *

I used to eat bread for England - especially fresh crusty granary loaves or soft granary rolss from the supermarket bakery, covered in Lurpak - oh I'm drooling at the thought! Hardly eating any bread now because once I start I can't stop!

I was always buying peanuts and mixed nuts and raisins to nibble on in the evenings - lethal! And of course a mega bar of Dairy Milk to scoff at the weekend in front of a movie on a Saturday night in.

Always ate loads of mash potato and far too much rice and pasta - much more controlled with those now.

Oh and cheese - I love brie and camembert - which go very well with the crusty granary bread - don't eat cheese at the moment either.

It's no wonder I was porky! xx SARAHWOO

* * *

I don't eat as much bread - if I really feel like it I will have thin slice of crust off our home made bread and weigh it,

I don't snack as much and if I do need something will have yogurt or favourite fruit - cherries at the moment!

I don't buy food without checking its details or thinking do I need this. Cooking has become less fussy but still as delicious.

If I want choccy I will now have "treatsize" and have an emergency supply of walkers lites or skinny cows but put them out of view!

Actually forwent popcorn at the cinema the other night and opted for a bottle of water and made a small packed of maltesers last all through the film with no bother at all.

I exercise more - running (went up a fell last week which was great although still at the back of the group!), circuits and now swimming.

I fill my food diary religiously, get encouragement from lovely hubby and you all out there, and have lost weight. Great! NICOLA

* * *

I used to be great at seefood diets....

There've been days at my heaviest where my exercise was walking from the sofa to the fridge/cupboard and back again...

If I wanted to chill out and watch a movie or something I'd get a 6 pack of nik naks (my fav crips) pour all 6 into a bowl and munch them like popcorn through the movie until the bowl was empty..

Pizza and other takeaways have always been a downfall... ordering far too much food then feeling I shouldn't let it go to waste!!

All change now... I'm back on wagon RACHW01

* * *

Takeaways were definitely my biggist sin. I used to absolutely gorge on Chinese, Indian, Pizza - whatever. And also - those delicious Cookies from the bakery at the supermarket - used to buy a bag of 5 on a Saturday and eat the whole lot in one day! Could easily eat a tub of Hagen Daaz between me and my husband (still can but try and limit it to special treat only).

Apart from the above my diet has actually been quite healthy - just eat far too much of what I do eat. We can make enough Chilli for 4-6 people and eat the whole lot between me and my husband!

The food diary helps me keep it real. DOWNEYS

* * *

Probably my worse old habit was toast, I would have 2 slices as a snack (with thick marg and marmite on), and then another and another, often having 8 slices in one 'session'. Now I have under 4 slices a week (unless I forget to buy lettuce for my lunch).

Also at my old job the sandwich van used to come at 10.00, so would get my lunch from there....but only last until 10.30 before eating it, and he always used to do nice snack stuff too like kettle crisps and hersheys, and pretzel pieces, so invariably stuffed those too. Now I'm in a different job, with no sarnie van and no snack machine phew, I bring all my food for the day with me, and if I eat it too early then I have nothing to replace it so is just silly.

And when it came to evening meals, I was usually too depressed to cook anything so that either meant takeaway or shoving something fattening into a pan to make me feel better. Now I still get depressed but either bf will try and make me something or I won't eat anything (not a superb idea i know).

Also used to drink at least 1-2 litres of diet fizzy pop per day, a few coffees and no water, but now I only have one coffee per day, no more fizzy drinks (cept with vodka on occasions) and lots of water.

I do miss solid foods I have to say tho, cos most of what I eat is soggy stuff like fruit and veg, salad, soup, yoghurts, that's about it! I miss bread a lot especially. FRUITYLOOPS

* * *

I was very sporty at school (not that successful, but I put a lot of energy into it!), and I was a regular runner in my late teens. I probably walked 4+ miles per day to and from the station at each end. As a result I could eat as much chocolate and sugary stuff as I wanted, and was always the same build (finn!).

So for me: King Size Mars and Twix Bars, probably one of each in one sitting; whole bags of Wine Gums, Minstrels and Jelly Babies, again in one sitting.

I still eat the Mars Bars, but as a treat once per week or less. The sweets and Minstrels are very rare (although I got a taste for Haribo on holiday last month!). Dominos Pizza has gone from Medium, plus dip to Small, without dip. BEERMATT

* * *

The reason I got fat was because when I was pregnant i walked miles and miles and was eating like a horse (6 or 7 bags of crisps a day +chocolate) then I learned to drive - Biiiiig mistake - cos I carried on eating but wasn't walking - i was 9 stone 3 after I had my little boy 12 years ago (not so little now!!!) and then in addition to the multipack of crisps everyday me and the bloke moved in together and we used to have a deep fat fryer - say no more everything used to go in it!!! Saying that though I gave up that way of life (limited myself to a bag of crisps a day and chucked the DFF) about 8 years ago but never lost the weight - was 16 stone for about 6 or 7 years and so am at my lightest for about 7 years. I stick to a packet of crisps a day and am much healthier these days - I used to go all day without drinking a thing - I only used to pee twice a day, I probably still don't drink quite enough but it is 200% more than I used to drink!!! Yippee for new eating habits eh? LOL LINDSAY1975

* * *

Multiple takeaways - every week!

Lots of toast

Crisps and choccie everyday

Started to diet and started eating microwave meals to start off

Now I cook fresh food, normally organic and cook everything from scratch - though it can lead to eating quite late as I don't get home from work till after 19:00 most days! Lots of fruits and veg! VHJ3

* * *

At least 2 HUGE cheese and tomato and salad cream sandwiches for supper (10-11pm) has got to be my worst sin. Oh followed by a couple of bits of peanut butter on toast ... the peanut butter would be applied after a thich spreading of real butter.

Now very rarely eat bread at all.

How I have not had a heart attack on that lot, the good lord only knows. R_II

* * *

Several evenings a week me and my partner used to sit on the settee in front of the telly with a bottle of wine, several lagers and a big bar of dairy milk (big calorie stinger)

Also, we used to have at least 2 takeaways a week (just have one now but take more care in what i choose)

Now ive ditched the lot i feel so much better for it. NEWMENOW

* * *

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