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Feel like giving up

Hi Guys

Haven’t been on the boards much these last couple of weeks - sorry - hope everyone is ok.

Ive still been filling in my diary everyday but I’m just not motivated at all. You think i would be with less then 7 weeks to my hols. I’m on 1100 cals a day and I’m hungry all the time, i do exercise everyday but my weight loss is not happening. Since joining back in March ive lost a total of 3lb - yes I’m hanging my head in shame... I feel like giving up. I’m wondering if it has anything to do with starting on the depo injection (contraceptive injection) back in April. They say you can put weight on when you have it and I’m wondering if I’m one of the unlucky ones that this is happening too. I just don’t know. So has anyone got any ideas to make me lose a stone in 7 weeks. Sorry to rant but I feel so low at the mo and you guys are the only ones that understand and listen.


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Don't give up!

That would be sad, WLR and its members are here to keep you going. Don't have any idea about the injections, but on the food front, I think that lots of water is a must and small frequent meals (every 3 hours, I eat a lot of fruit makes me feel full and does not take up a lot of calories.

Just keep at it and all will be well. WENDYTHEWAIF

* * *

I think you look fantastic now! I weigh less than you by just 2lb but look a hell of alot heavier due to having a baby in April and having so much excess fat around my stomach legs and thighs. I go on holiday in just 3 weeks. I to would like to get to 11 stone by the time I go away but am starting to get very doubtful. maybe as you have suggested before we should become diet buddies as we are the same sort of height and weight and both have the same target. send me a private message if you are interested and I will give you my email address. NEWMENOW

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I have just looked at your profile (you look terrific) and saw that you are SO CLOSE to your target ....... don't give up when you are so nearly there. SDB

* * *

I lost 7lb in the first 2 weeks on here. Then nothing since; about 9 weeks. I've almost lost hope too, but I'm persevering (and I'm om 1100 cals too). So stick with it, we can do this together. It's better to be having a healthy diet, than go back to how you were eating and risk putting on weight.

Also I was on the depo injection too a couple of years ago and I'm sad to say put on weight.

Just keep at it and good luck. PM me if you want to. FOXY

* * *

I would up my rate of loss to 1 1/2lbs a week, so that there are a few extra cals to counteract being hungry all the time and to make it feel less of a chore.

And make sure all the exercise cals are being eaten up, because not eating them has the opposite effect.

You should easily lose a stone in 7 weeks if you stick to your cals (inc. your exercise cals).

You will probably find that your weight loss will speed up if you lower your rate of loss because maybe you weren't eating enough for your body. Are you eating regular meals?

You should also never go more than 3 hours without eating, even if you have just a piece of fruit, as this helps to keep you metabolism up-to-speed.

Chin up girl, just relax and look forward to your holiday. Don't put too much pressure on yourself either.

The key is to be sensible about it and not go too mad.

Hope this helps x SJXANGEL

* * *

you will find your motivation again in time.

I (think- touch wood) I’ve found mine again after 3 months of dilly dallying about. talking to the nurse about depo (as I am on it too) about the weight gain apparently in the tests people only put on a few lbs a year.

good luck finding motivation again - the good thing is you're still filling in your diary! ADELE

* * *

I can’t advise on the effects of the depo injection I'm afraid but I can perhaps help in other areas.

You need to adopt a slightly scientific approach to this for the moment. Forget what you think you know and start from basics.

Weigh you food - portion control is the biggest killer of diets and it is sooooooo easy to serve yourself more than the diary is counting.

Eat your exercise calories. you will have seen this on the boards. Perverse as it sounds it actually is true.

Give your diet a shake up, its very easy to get set in the ways with the type of foods you eat and I really do suspect that body starts to get used to it.

Give yourself a shake up, treat yourself, make yourself feel happy because that is the best motivator in the world. Sauna, hair-do, spa, trip to the theatre, anything that makes you grin.

Drink loads of water. The more you drink the better you body copes with fluid retention and, it stops you feeling hungry.

Set yourself a nice easy mini target to boost your confidence.

Right down 5 reasons for loosing weight. Put it somewhere where you can see it every day. And then make sure you read it every day.

7 weeks is a long time in a diet. You want to lose weight for your hols but how on earth are you going to do that if you give up now? Giving up is not the answer, the answer is to look objectively at what you do, what you eat and how you record it.

Then be honest and stick to your guns.


* * *

Crying over my keyboard

I have just read a really distressing PM which had me relating to a personal situation I have been in for many years.

So this is a note to all you folks with problems out there:

This site is more than a diet tool, it is a support network second to none. Yes OK you may think some of your problems are not diet related, they might be about money, or dealing with a sustance dependant relative, or a shit job. Whatever, if you feel crap about one thing in your life it kicks into the rest of it and from their into your whole way of life and how you feel about YOU.

Your all here because you want to do something great, something positive, because you want to take control of your life again. And, if part of that healing process includes sharing some of your problems, then so be it. I am sure that with the volume of members on here, somebody can help. DAMANDBLAST

* * *

I know this has helped me through many stressful and upsetting situations. I know I can always post a message and someone will have advice or even lend an ear. I really appreciate all the friends I have made on here and hope I can help others Love to you all you are all special. JOLONG

* * *

I agree the friendly support is terrific, not just to help you through the bad times but to help you achieve more good times. The friends I have made here have enhanced my life enormously. ANTAN

* * *

What a very nice message Di, I agree the support n hear is really great, I too, have been one of those that has needed the support and I have you lot to thank for that, if it wasn't for this site, I would have no friends at all.

And Di, for one you have been great, and I thank you for that. HELEN9265

* * *

I agree ...if you are off course ,for whatever reason,it has a knock on effect with eating habits ....the support on WLR is tremendous .....and to be honest ,over the last 6 months.....well i cant imagine that i would of coped...and am now back to full strength and well and truly back on the waggon ......and all the lovely people on here are the credit for that !!!!!!! BOOMER

* * *

Even tho I haven't bin a member of WLR 4 that long I find every1 is very supportive n helpful and help give me motivation x TEDDYBEAR

* * *

I have found this site to be more than a "food diary". I read some of the posts and find it hard to believe that I didnt write them myself. Its reassuring to know that I am not alone.

All my friends are very sceptical of my efforts and I cant blame them I have tried and failed so many times. I found this site by accident and I think its the best accident I could have asked for. I am looking forward to the day when I am not the "fat one".

Thankyou ROSIE P

* * *

It is absolutely a support work second to none - I think we have discussed this Di - it is truly amazing to me - and I think the way you have expressed this is likely to have me crying over my keyboard any minute now.... LUPILIZZY

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