The Most Successful People Use These 8 Tactics to Lose Weight

The Most Successful People Use These 8 Tactics to Lose Weight 

1. Keep a Food Diary

Proven to double weight loss success

2. Create an Energy Deficit

Your body will burn fat stores to make up the deficit

3. Eat Your 5-a-Day

Not just for that healthy glow, you'll also have less room for rubbishy snacks

4. Drink Water Before Meals

Studies show that drinking a pint of cold water before meals helps you lose weight

5. Move More - but Not Too Fast

Moderate cardio exercise, such as brisk walking, will help you burn fat

6. Tone Up Your Muscles

Muscles burn more calories than fat, even when you're asleep - just 30 minutes a week will make a difference

7. Write It Down

Had a bad food day? Make a note in your food diary - it will help you identify things that trip you up

8. Do It With Friends

Tap into support, studies show that sharing your journey with people in the same boat makes it easier

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