7 Habits to Slim You FAQ

7 Habits to Slim You FAQ

Setting up Your Intention

This is a really importanat part of getting your new habit off on the right foot. Research shows that setting 'implementation intentions' make you more likely to be successful in making a new habit.

ThisWhen you are setting yours up, be as specifice as possible. (The examples we give for each task are necessarily a bit vague.)

Think about the context in which you are going to carry out your new habit. Where you will be, what you have just done etc are good starting points for nailing down the context in which you'll carry out your new habit. 

Is there a 'cue'  in your context that will remind you of your intention? Or can you insert a cue (eg a handwritten sign, alarm on your phone) that will remind you to get started on your intention?

'Most Days' and Making Progress

When a habit calls for ‘most days’, aim for at least 5 days a week.

This allows for a bit of wiggle room at weekends when your routine may be different. Or for those inevitable days when the best laid plans just don’t stand a chance.

Having said that, some habits can be just as easily continued through one or both days of the weekend. If that’s the case for any of those you choose to implement – go for it.

The point is that while you are actively trying to implement the habits in this challenge you can’t fail. You can only make progress that is a bit slower or a bit quicker.

The Habit Test

A Take Test button will appear next to your habit at the end of your first week.

This is a very simple test that is designed to determine how far along you are in making your new behaviour a habit.

There are four statements, you simply pick the response which most closely resembles how you feel about each statement.

Once you have taken the test, your score will appear beside the habit on your progress page.

The Take Test button will appear at the end of each week until your score is 80 or over, signifying that your habit is pretty solid.

How Long Will It Take?

According to research it takes between 18 and 259 days to create a new habit. That’s quite a spread!

We’ve tried to make most of these habits small enough ‘chunks’ that they will be relatively easy to assimilate into your normal routine and carry out consistently.

Normal routine’ is the key here. A habit is something you do without really having to think about it. So, the more thought you give to where and how this new habit is going to fit into your routine, the quicker you’ll be able to make it stick.

The Intention setting tool that is part of this challenge will help you to do this. Getting yourself organised so you have whatever you need in order to carry out the habit is essential.

Your score from the weekly habit test will give you an idea of how you’re doing, and let you know when your new behaviour has become a habit.

What if I change my mind about a habit?

If you find a habit is just not working for you at the present time, simply delete it from your challenge progress page. You can always give it another try later if you want to.

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