7 Habits to Slim You!

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Build habits proven to work for weight loss

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When Could You Reach Your Goal Weight?


Want to Lose Weight for Good?
This year, don't go on a diet - just help yourself to some great new habits

Take the

Lose weight steadily and sustainably

Reach your goal
and celebrate!

How Does The 7 Habits to Slim You! Challenge Work?

Guides you through the crucial stage of setting up your habit - Gives you feedback on how you’re doing - Lets you know when your new habit is sticky enough to go out into the wild

Choose up to 3 habits to get started

Get feedback on how you’re doing

Make 7 new habits and reveal your slim you!

No Piccie, No Eatie

New Visual Food Diary, very quick and easy to use

Swap a Snack

Lose over a pound a month with this 1 swap

Count Daily Cals

A proven way to predictable weight loss

Estimate Daily Cals

Build skills to help you reach your weight goal

Make a Meal of It

Slow down, enjoy more, weigh less!

Grade Your Hunger

A simple way to get a grip on emotional eating

Build Up Your Strength

Use your muscle twice a week to burn more cals 24/7

Get Your Inner-Beauty Sleep

Not getting enough? You could lose 1/2lb a week!

Veg Up Your Dinner

Fill yourself up with veg to lose more weight

Break Them (in half)

Get all the taste for half the inches

Evening Graze Control

If you're a grazer, this one could lose you 1lb a week

Have a Daily Burn

Burn more calories, lose more weight, keep it off

Cut it Out

Choose a regular high cal snack food to shun

Fruit Up Your Breakfast

Start the healthy way for benefits all day

Ditch a Trigger Food

Stop this trigger from spoiling your plans

Choose the habits you think will help you most, all are proven to help with sustainable weight loss.

Use the Set Up Intention tool to get your new habit off to a great start.

Take the weekly Habit Test to see your progress toward building a solid habit.

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