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Weight To Go... - Weigh Everything!!!

It’s really easy to estimate how much food you’re serving up, or is on a plate. Studies have shown that when it comes to food we tend to overestimate rather than under estimate – really not the best situation when trying to lose weight!

Do you know how much a standard portion of pasta should be? Or how much cheese to put in your sandwich to stay within calories?

Over time portion sizes have become bigger and bigger, and our perception of what is the correct amount of certain foods has become a little skewed.

Understanding portion sizes and keeping your portions in check is a really important factor in controlling your weight.

The Task: Weigh Everything!

Yes... we really do mean everything (that you don’t already ABSOLUTELY know the weight of).

It does mean you’re going to need to factor in a little more time for food preparation, but this is important. It’s important to you to help you achieve your goals, and it’s important for your life long weight management as you’ll be teaching yourself what acceptable portions of certain foods are which will make any future estimation much more accurate.

It also means that you can teak the weights of different foods to make sure you’re staying within your calories. You might decide to have 30g less of mashed potatoes and 100g more of veg for a more filling meal.

Even our members who have used the programme for a little while realise that if they’ve stopped weighing then it’s a good idea to go back to weighing everything to get back on track.

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