Take Time to Plan - Lunches

Planning ahead can really make the difference between being able to stick to your calories or having a succession of ‘bad days’.

We understand that with the pressures of day to day life this is not always easy. Any number of things can get in the way and you end up grabbing something on the go or making choices from limited selections that are higher calorie, and let’s be frank, probably sometimes not that appetising.

Most successful slimmers would agree that making a little time to plan for meals can have a hugely positive impact on your weight loss results.

The Task: Take Time to Plan

Your task for the next 4 weeks is to try to make enough time to plan ahead for tomorrows lunch. Either decide what you’re going to have, buy from your usual lunch spot, or go a bit further and make your lunch to take with you wherever you’re going to be. Make sure you put it into your diary at the time of planning so you can see how many calories you’ll be ‘spending’ on it. This will also mean you can tweak it slightly if necessary.

Once your lunch is planned, make it happen and stick to your plans.

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