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Make a Meal of It – Make One Meal from Raw Ingredients

With our busy lives and demands on our time coming from all angles it can sometimes be difficult to eat healthy, filling, low calorie foods. Grabbing food on the go, heating up microwave lasagna or eating out can all sabotage the best of weight loss efforts.

Sometimes, even though it can seem impossible, we need to decide to make time to do some of the things that are going to enable us to be successful with our weight loss goals - such as cooking from scratch.

Using fresh ingredients to make something that isn’t processed and laden with calories, fat, salt and sugar doesn’t need to mean complicated culinary delights. Taking just 10-15 minutes to rustle up a simple chicken stir fry can make a massive difference to managing your calorie allowance (not to mention getting your 5-a-day, amongst other things). Even popping some wholemeal bread in toaster in the morning yourself rather than grabbing a muffin or cereal bar is much better for you. The more you make yourself the more control you have over your diet as a whole.

The task:

Make at least one meal each day from raw ingredients. This can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Remember – it doesn’t have to be complicated! A salad with tuna for lunch, a stir fry for dinner or an egg on toast for breakfast. You can get creative if you want, but simple and quick works just as well.

If you’re looking for inspiration try searching the recipe database from your food diary – there are loads of WLR recipes and a whole host of recipes and combinations contributed by WLR members to help you.

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