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Task – Get Support

Getting support when you need it can really help when it comes to losing weight and making better choices.

Sometimes, being upset, bored, and stressed or any number of other emotions can lead to bumps in the road with your diet.

Getting advice from others going through similar difficulties, sounding off about bad days, or celebrating even the smallest of victories all help to keep you on track toward your goal.

The Task:

Support from others is key in your weight loss journey. Post a message on one of the boards in the forum. It can be anything you like. Our members are a friendly and helpful bunch and you’ll tap into a wealth of knowledge and support from real people who are going through or have been through similar things on the way to reaching their goals.

As a quick guide the ‘Advice and Support’ board is a great place to ask for ideas and advice on anything from food choices to weighing and measuring yourself to curbing cravings and binges. The ‘Off Topic’ board can be used for general chit chat and is a great place to make friends... we’ve even had a couple meet on our boards!

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