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Stop! Ask Yourself... - Create an Interruption

Sometimes we eat for many different reasons – none of them real hunger!

For some of us, food becomes a way to deal with emotions – and they don’t even have to be strong ones! However this can be a real hurdle when it comes to achieving your weight loss goals.

One tried and tested method to help combat this is to create an interruption... a break before you have the food where you’re mindful about why you want to eat it and if you are actually hungry.

The Task: Stop! Ask Yourself...

Whenever you reach for some food outside of your normal meal or planned snack time stop and ask yourself some questions:

Why am I hungry?

Does my body really need this?

What could I do (or even eat) as an alternative?

Simply creating this break and being more aware of what you’re eating and why you want it can be enough to stop you taking in calories you don’t really need. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work every time – any occasion where it does is a step in the right direction and you’ll be beginning to re-train yourself that food and calories are not the go-to solution.



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