Task – Eat Slowly

Eating more slowly can really help to keep portions in check and help you to make sure you don’t eat any more than you really need.

Studies show that the faster we eat, the more we tend to eat in total. It takes up to 20 minutes for our body and brain to realise we’re full or that we’ve had enough – when was the last time you had a meal that took 20 minutes or more?

Knowing when we’ve had enough is key to managing our weight. There's a mixture of cues that contribute to making us feel full, including:

  • How long we’ve been eating
  • How much we chew
  • How much we taste
  • How much we swallow
  • How much we think about the food

Eating more slowly addresses many of these cues and should help you to understand how much your body really needs. Keeping your portions in check is vital to helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

If the food is that delicious you don’t want to stop just remember, you can always have it again another day – tomorrow if you like!

If you’re worried about wasting food or leaving leftovers then don’t – the food is wasted whether it’s on your plate or around your waistline!

The Task

Put your cutlery down between each mouthful. Don’t start preparing your next mouthful until you have swallowed the last.

If you’re eating with your hands (e.g. a sandwich), put it down between mouthfuls in the same way as above.

This will enable you to eat more slowly – being mindful about the food you’re eating and understanding more about when your body has had enough.

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