Samuel Holt - wlr Team

Food Information Executive

Samuel Holt - wlr Food Information Executive

Sam is responsible for keeping wlr's database of foods and nutrition info verified, up-to-date and in user-friendly order.

Being a vegan, Sam's insight on the practicalities of veganism has helped to round out the team's knowledge.

In his spare time Sam can often be found hunting down stray pallets and creating his own recycled garden furniture.

For exercise, Sam enjoys a daily strength building workout and joins other 'run the talk' team members at our local ParkRun, (where he likes to high five Rory).


  • British Nutrition Foundation accredited course - Introduction to Healthy Eating & Nutrition
  • Vegan Chef & Lifestyle Training Certificate


  • Veg -Up! : Easy meat-free calorie counted recipes for everyone. Details on Amazon
  • The Calorie, Carb and Fat Bible: Sam manages the food and nutrition database for wlr and is an editor for the Bible. Details on the wlr shop

    Sam's Work on wlr

      • Get Slim for Spring Diet Plan - featured in My Weekly
      • Vegetarian Diet Plan - featured in Veggie Magazine 
      • Get Slim for Spring Diet Plan (week 2) - featured in Bella
      • Drop a Dress Size for Christmas Diet Plan - featured in Bella

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