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Service Director

Rebecca Walton - wlr Service Director

Rebecca has spent over 15 years working in the diet and weight loss industry, helping people to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. Having buried herself in the field of nutrition, she is editor of the long running Calorie, Carb & Fat Bible, and frequently writes evidence based articles and help materials for wlr.

With a passion for cooking and what she calls 'proper food', she enjoys creating new low calorie, healthy recipes - some of which can be seen in her published 'Fad and Faff Free Recipes'.

As a bit of a self-confessed science geek, she has an avid interest in behaviour change and the psychology of weight loss, she can often be found studying research papers on human motivation and habitual behaviour "just for fun"...

Rebecca says "with more people struggling to lose weight and keep it off, it's important we keep up with medical research and proven strategies and guidelines.

Using this knowledge and information, and successfully translating it into tools and advice that people can use everday in real life is about as rewarding as it gets!"

Rebecca's expertise:


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  • The Calorie, Carb and Fat Bible: Rebecca has managed the food and nutrition information for the UK's most comprehensive calorie counter for over 10 years. Details on the wlr shop
  • Veg -Up! : Easy meat-free calorie counted recipes for everyone. Details on Amazon
  • Fad Free Recipes - 50 real food recipes for under 500 calories: Rebecca created over 40 recipes for this collection, alongside an introduction and tips for healthy cooking and eating. 5* rated, this book is all about simple, low calorie easy to make food for every day. Details on Amazon
  • Strength Training with Resistance Bands: Simple exercises to help you build strength and tone your body. Details on Amazon

Some of Rebecca's work on wlr:

Moderate Carbohydrate Intake Looks Best for Health

With the seemingly conflicting advice on low-carb, recent research published in the Lancet looks at optimal carbohydrate intake for health, based on an observational study spanning 25 years.

Good Sources of Dietary Fibre

With UK health guidelines saying we should be getting 30g a day, take a look at our charts to help you get a bit more fibre in your daily diet.

wlr Collaborates with Leeds University Clinical Trials

When Leeds University asked wlr to aid in some of their research - we were happy to help! Here's a round up of the scientific papers and clinical studies that resulted from the research.


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