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alan larder wlr team member

Alan is the newest member of the Helpteam, joining us after a long spell of injury and subsequent weight gain.

He is always eager to help members and use his knowledge from formal nutrition training, his own weight loss experience, and 9 ½ years in the army, to assist in any way he can. Always with a smile and sometimes with a cheeky grin.

When he’s not at work, Alan can be found playing golf or poker (depending on the weather).

One of Alan’s favourite quotes is: “If hunger is not the problem then food is not the solution.”

When asked what Alan wants to achieve from his role at wlr, he says: “all our members see their journeys as a mountain to climb - I want to turn that into a nice stroll around the park.”

Alan’s expertise

  • Introduction to Healthy Eating & Nutrition - British Nutrition Foundation Accredited Training (Association for Nutrition Certified)
  • Losing over 2 stone so far with wlr and still going strong
  • Making people smile
  • Marvel and DC font of knowledge 😊

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