Your Ultimate Slimming Guide

By Dietitian, Juliette Kellow BSc RD

Christmas is over and you're in a bit of a panic. On top of the pounds you’ve been struggling to lose since last year, you now have an extra half stone bulging uncomfortably over the top of your favourite jeans! No matter how hard you wish for it, you know you’re not going to wake up with a slim tummy and toned thighs. There’s only one solution – you’re going to have to slim like crazy.

If this sounds familiar it’s time to set yourself some realistic slimming goals that are achievable and won’t completely disrupt your lifestyle along the way! But before doing anything, get the right slimming information. Use this guide to get you started:

The Science Bit

How much do you need to restrict your food intake to lose a pound? How many calories in a pound of body fat?

Set a Goal

Make it happen! How to set an achievable weight loss goal.

Finding the Best Diet

How to work out what's the best slimming diet for you.

Getting Started and Sticking With It

How to get started on your own slimming programme and how to keep it going.

Play With Food

Have a look at the 30 simple calorie swaps in our slimming plan menu.

Get Moving

How to reach your goals quicker and in better shape - get some slimming exercise and burn extra calories.

Keep it Real

6 New Year's Resolutions not to make.

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