Fears Over Lipostabil: the Latest Fat Loss Miracle Drug

By WLR Staff, by John Litchfield

Lipostabil, also known as the Flab Jab, is currently yet to receive a licence for cosmetic purposes in the UK due to a lack of clinical testing and concerns over its safety.

Lipostabil is licensed in Germany as a treatment for fat embolisms, where blood vessels become blocked by fat particles. However, it has been discovered that when injected directly into problem areas, such as a double chin or fat behind the knees, fat can be broken down and lost in those specific places.

The treatment has even been demonstrated live on television on Channel 4’s Richard and Judy show. A guest was given two injections of Lipostabil two months apart and showed a marked improvement.

However, the Flab Jab has already been banned in Brazil, the country where its usage as a cosmetic treatment was pioneered, due to links to skin infection and nerve damage.

In fact, Lipostabil’s manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis has warned that the drug is not designed to be administered subcutaneously, under the skin, and is not safe to be used for cosmetic purposes.

The Medical Defence Union and the Medical Practitioners Society, the UK’s two main medical insurers are currently refusing insurance to any doctors who continue to supply the treatment. Also, the MHRA, Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority, who license drugs in the UK, have contacted over fifty clinics to order them not to advertise the treatment and doctors who don’t comply could face unlimited fines and potentially prison sentences. So it may be some time if ever that Lipostabil is offered in the UK as a fat loss solution.

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