Success Story: Deirdre
Deirdre: Slimming Success Story

Deirdre's tried everything from Slimming World to Cabbage Soup, here's how WLR's slimming tools have helped her finally take control.

Success Story: Deirdre

Deirdre, Age 46, Height 5ft 5in
Start Weight 10st 6lbs
Current Weight 9st 2lbs
Goal Weight 9st 2lbs
Weight Lost 1st 4lbs

Slimming History

  • Slimming Magazine - calorie counting, fat unit counting - got to target and eventually stopped going - I think I realised it wasn't going too well when I started stopping off at the chip shop on the way home and looked forward to that more than going to the slimming club!
  • Slimming World Diet - 3 different starts - got to target 1st 2 times and then stopped going - put weight back on (plus more) both times - 3rd time I gave up before I got to target as I didn't think my heart was in it that time.
  • Cabbage Soup Diet - I was really popular with boyfriend, family, friends and work colleagues during this one! I lost weight quickly but put it back on as soon as I went back to "normal" eating.
  • Atkins Diet - ditto the Cabbage Soup Diet story! I didn't suffer any of the side effects associated with this one, and really enjoyed it at first, but when I started dreaming about bread and pasta I knew it was time to ease off! I lost weight but couldn't sustain it once I came off the diet.
  • Kellogg's 2 Week Drop a Jean Size Challenge - You can only eat so much breakfast cereal - I lost a bit in the 2 weeks but it didn't last.
  • Boiled Egg and Tomato Diet - Don't ask!
  • Grapefruit Diet - Don't ask about this one either!

Have you lost weight before and regained the weight?

The quick answer is Yes! As you can see from above, I have lost and gained weight a number of times, each time gaining a wee bit more before I decided to do something about it.

"I have probably been slimming on and off for the past 25 years.

My starting weight above is the heaviest I have been and I got down to 8st 12lbs on one of my Slimming World attempts, but I feel comfortable around 9st - 9st 2lbs.

It's keeping the weight there that has been the problem!

How being overweight has affected you…

I am so miserable when I am overweight. I don't want to go out or join in anything.

I would make all these excuses not to go out - it was too cold, it wasn't that good when we went last time, there was a good film on, etc.

"I couldn't admit it was because I didn't feel comfortable in any of the clothes I had and I refused to buy bigger sizes." 

I would spend hours trying on different things from my wardrobe, hoping that something would make me look slimmer than I felt - most things didn't.

I would then go and eat something to make me feel better.

Most of the times I told people I was on a diet they would say I didn't need to be, and that I didn't look overweight, etc, but I had to do it for me, not them.

I joined a gym as I hoped that this would help me lose weight, but a few months in I would have been as well putting jam on my membership money and eating it for all the good it was doing me!

I just couldn't take to it at all and going turned into a chore. I wasn't eating healthily and I wasn't going to the gym so I cancelled my membership.

I had been walking around for months with the button out on my work skirts because I couldn't do them up - Terry (my boyfriend) and I like to go abroad a lot and the thought of my holiday snaps filled me with despair.

"We had been in Ireland for a week in May, and I could only wear some of the clothes I took with me, as I couldn't get into the rest." 

My before photo is me in front of the highest cliffs in Ireland - you can just about see them behind my hamster cheeks!

"Being slimmer makes me feel so much better about myself."

I like looking through my wardrobe now and getting dressed up to go out. I look forward to my holidays, and despite what people said when I was heavier, most have said I look better now.

Discovering Weight Loss Resources

Occasionally I would buy a slimming magazine in the vain hope that by reading it I would miraculously lose weight.

I came home from Ireland and bought another one, and on almost the last page was a small article on WLR - I went on line, liked what I saw, and signed up for the 3-day free trial.

I registered for the full service within 2 days and haven't looked back since!

How Weight Loss Resources Helps

I like the fact that I can eat almost anything as long as I remember to put it in the diary.

Other diets that give meal "ideas" for breakfast, lunch, etc put me off - there's always something I don't like and I seem to home in on these meals rather than the ones I could eat.

I like that I can gain exercise calories for housework, walking, and even sex(!).

I did start walking a lot in the summer (I have to admit that, at first, Terry did have to drag me out) - I stay 2 minutes from the beach and 2 minutes from the countryside, and until last year I had hardly seen any of the beautiful walks I am lucky enough to have around me.

I haven't been out as much during the winter, but will start again as the weather improves.

"In addition, when I first started walking I would get out of breath very quickly, but now I can walk for hours without any ill effects." 

Some of the walks do end up at the pub, but at least I have earned some of the calories that I drink when I get there!

Putting all the meals I intend to have during the day allows me to see what I am having in each meal and to adjust portions, etc accordingly to make sure I am within my allowances.

When I went to Slimming World the class was on a Monday night - I work Monday to Friday and I like to enjoy my weekends so I always hated getting weighed on a Monday night as I felt I hadn't had a chance to recover from the weekend.

On WLR I weigh in on a Friday morning so that my weekend is at the start of the week, and once I have enjoyed my Friday and Saturday and have input those days in my diary, I can see what I have to do the rest of the week to balance out my calorie allowance over the 7 days.

I love putting my results in each week and seeing the difference (at my lightest I had lost 21lbs and 12 inches, although I have fluctuated a wee bit over Christmas) - I don't even mind (too much!) when I put on as I can usually see why.

"I like to see the wee graph, especially when it is on a downward or straight trend!"

The message boards are a great source of inspiration and support.

I try to look in at least once a day - some of the posts make me laugh and some almost make me cry, they can be so sad, but they always get a supportive response from other members.

I don't post too often but when I do there is always someone ready to respond with a friendly word - even when I say that I have put weight on nobody is condescending or patronising, just full of encouragement and help.

When I got to my target weight I signed up for the next six months to keep me motivated - I have had a holiday at the Munich Beer Festival and enjoyed a great Christmas and New Year since then.

I put on weight both times but just logged back into WLR and started again.

The Best of Weight Loss Resources

See above - I try to use the food diary every day, the exercise diary when I have anything to put in it (!), and look at the advice and support message board every day.

"I like to read the new success stories, and the reviews of the different diets, foods and exercise plans." 

I feel the site is like a good magazine you can pick up whenever you like and you will always find something of interest you never noticed the first time you read it.

Deirdre's Slimming Tips

Be honest and enter everything in your food diary.

"Don't tell yourself you can't have anything - it will just make you want it more! Remember you are on a healthy eating plan, not a diet."

Try to complete the diary every day if you can - it will keep you focused, but try not to let slimming rule your life.

I work and save hard all year to have my holidays and I enjoy myself when I am away.

I know that I will probably put on weight but I also know I will get back on track when I get back.

If you are not sure about anything, or something is bothering you, ask on the message boards - remember everybody here is in the same boat and have either "been there or done that" and can offer help and support.

Don't forget to put good news on too - we all like to share it.

Don't give up just because you have had one bad day - everybody is entitled to one every now and again - we are only human, after all!

Log it in your diary, put it down to experience, and move on - you will catch up on yourself.

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* Note: The success stories published on Weight Loss Resources are written by WLR members, past and present, telling their own stories in their own words. As you will see if you read more than one or two of them, everyone's story is different and they have reached their success from a variety of starting points and lost weight at varying rates. Individual results may vary.

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