See Yourself Slimmer

Have You Ever Wanted to See Yourself Slimmer?

One of the best exercises to keep you motivated when you’re slimming is to visualise how good you’ll look when you reach your goal weight.

The trick is to conjure up this image whenever you feel like eating too much of the wrong thing - to give yourself a more attractive alternative than diving into the biscuit tin. Studies have shown that visualisation techniques can help people to keep on track and reach their goals.

But what if you’re one of us people who are not very good at the art of ‘picturing in your mind’?

Now you can harness the power of actually having a proper photo of what you’re going to look like when you’re slim. See Yourself Slimmer take a current photograph of you and ‘work their magic’ to provide a high quality photo of the new, slim you. Stick your photo on the fridge, on the cupboard you keep the kids choccie bars in, or anywhere you think it might help you to stay on track.

You can specify how much lighter the new you in your picture will be, giving you a great incentive to reach that goal weight. The photos are amazing and you really can’t tell that they’re not straight from your camera.

See Yourself Slimmer have had some great feedback, and we think it’s a wonderful idea for anyone who needs that little extra reminder of what they’re aiming for. Here’s a comment from someone who’s tried it:

“Thank you so much for the photo, my jaw dropped! This is the most positive way to help me lose the weight. I have not been able to imagine myself slimmer and this is just the incentive I needed.”

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