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By WLR Staff, Helen Griffiths

No one’s perfect. We all have flaws, whether we feel like we have a rubber ring attached to our rear end or our boobs are drooping south. This is the depressing normality of being human.

Instead of hiding away under baggy T-shirts, here we give you the knowledge to accentuate your finest assets and to diminish your imperfections. Slimmer looking hips, thighs and stomach are possible without losing a pound. Make the most of yourself, get clued up and become a glamorous goddess with our slimming, figure fixing tips.

Slimming Your Stomach

For most women this is the main problem area. Toned stomachs are forever flaunted in our faces on T.V and in magazines, but sweet reality has it that most of us normaltons are hanging over our jeans. Resembling a pot bellied pig is not a good look but here are some shape slimming tips to make your stomach look flat.

TickDO CrossDON'T
Wear chunky belts across the lower stomach Tight jeans/trousers
Flat panel skirts/trousers Straight cut skirt
Ruched tops Tuck in tops
Wrap tops Tight tops / Short tops
Low slung waist Flimsy fabrics
Low waistband Lycra
Front or side zip Drawstring trousers
Fitted jacket Big or tiny prints
Slimming pants
(think Bridget Jones)

Slimming Your Hips

Women who haven’t got them are envious and women who have them don’t want them (there’s no pleasing some people!) If you’ve been blessed with curvaceous, childbearing hips you have to be careful not to over exaggerate them by the clothes you wear. Take these tips for slimmer hips.

Tick DO Cross DON'T
Slash neck tops Clingy, tight
V line tops Baggy t- shirts
Scoop tops Straight leg
Funnel tops Combats
Bootleg/flared trousers Drainpipes
A – line skirt Pencil skirt
Scarves and necklaces  
High heels Flat shoes
A-line jacket Short jackets
Single breasted jacket Long wrapped cardigans

Shaping Your Boobs

You may be god’s gift to men but god’s gift to tops you’re not. Well, not until you follow this advice…

Tick DO Cross DON'T
Dark colours Pastel shades
Tailored shirts Belts
Loose fitting, but not baggy Ruffled tops
Bootcut, flared, wide leg trousers Spaghetti strap tops
Wide open neckline Funnel neck top
Three quarter length sleeves High neck tops
Wrap dress/shirt/cardigan Sleeveless tops/dresses
  Halterneck dresses/tops
  Polo necks

Slimmer Thighs and Calves

Dressed the right way, large legs can be sexy and womanly make the most of yours with these slimming tips for legs.

Tick DO Cross DON'T
Fake tan Capri pants
Flared trousers/jeans Leggings
Wide leg trousers/jeans Three quarter length dresses or skirts
Bootleg trousers/jeans Kitten heels
Bright top to take attention away from bottom half Bias cut or Calf length skirts
Dark colours on bottom half (no white) Tapered jeans
Open toed sandals or Wedged shoes Straight leg jeans
A line skirts

Shaping Your Bottom

Times have changed and it is now fashionable to have a big behind thanks to Jennifer Lopez. So ladies, it’s time to get wise on how to flaunt and emphasise that rounded rear.

Tick DO Cross DON'T
Soft fabrics Big n bold prints on dress
Hipster/low waist band High waisted trousers
Boot cut/wide leg Tight trousers
Wear the correct size  
Stick to dark colours (grey, black, navy blue, and indigo) Wear bright colours (including white) on the bottom half
Slimline tunics  
Longline jackets with no collar Short jackets
Flared/A-line skirt Straight skirt
Fitted dress  
Open toe shoes  

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