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Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness

Reviewed by Dietitian, Juliette Kellow BSc RD

Fact File - Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness

Issue reviewed: June 2005
Pages: 124, 25% Advertising
Circulation: 108,716
Cover Price: £2.30


Exactly what you’d expect from a slimming magazine: success stories, plenty of food information, a diet plan, recipes and exercise. Plus fashion, beauty and celebrity interviews.

Overall view

Despite being linked to the Rosemary Conley brand, this magazine alone would still help you lose weight without the need to join a club. Having said that, the magazine is still very biased towards selling or promoting Rosemary Conley clubs, food products, exercise equipment, videos and roadshows! As you’d expect, Rosemary features heavily throughout, including answering problems, introducing the diet and doing the toning exercises.

In Detail

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of information about food. The diet is straightforward enough and doesn’t need additional information to help you follow it. The recipes look appetising and give calorie and fat values, as do all the food products featured throughout the magazine.

The five success stories are adequate but tend to feature big weight losses (the smallest is 3st 1lb, while the biggest is 8st), with the result that people with only a small amount of weight to lose may feel they are not being catered for. Also, the slimmers all have similar ages (ranging from 34 to 40 years). The magazine makes good use of ‘before’ pictures but the photography for the ‘after’ pictures isn’t always that good and often the styling and clothes chosen are old fashioned and unflattering.

Sadly, the features are not very inspiring or original – this issue features stories on fast food and dare to bare beauty. There is a good feature, though, which explains why fidgeting can help you lose weight. Many features are written by experts such as doctors or professors, which ensures the information is accurate but as a result, they have a tendency to read as though they should be in a medical text book. Overall, everything feels a bit old-fashioned, flat and uninspiring.

Who it will suit

Anyone who loves Rosemary, has a lot of weight to lose and wants solid advice without the glitz or glamour!

Value for money

  • Slimming – if you follow the diet plan you’ll shift those pounds 8/10
  • Content – it’s a good solid read but not the most inspiring magazine available 4/10

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