Slimming Advice - The Basics

Slimming Advice - The Basics

By Dietitian, Juliette Kellow BSc RD

Get your slimming campaign off on the right foot with expert advice from Dietitian, Juliette Kellow.

Here she tells you how to avoid the six slimming slip-ups that can sabotage your success, bringing together the pieces of the puzzle that will help you reach your weight loss goals.

Slimming Basics Tip: Have a realistic timescale

'I'll lose a stone in the next 2 weeks...'

For safe and effective weight loss you should allow around six weeks to lose a stone. Having a realistic expectation of the time it's going to take will help you stay on track.

Very low-calorie diets that result in rapid weight loss may leave you short of essential nutrients and will limit your choice so much that you’ll quickly get bored and give up.

Almost everyone who wants to lose weight wants to do it as quickly as possible, but how long does successful weight loss really take? 

Slimming Basics Tip: Don't Ban Favourite Foods

'I'll never eat chocolate again...'

Ban any food and you’ll make it even more tempting with the result that you’ll end up overindulging as you try to curb your craving.

Whatever your favourite treat, it’s far more realistic to simply reduce the amount you eat – that might mean cutting down from two portions a day to one, or having it just once a week instead of several times.

On some occassions, it might not be hunger that's driving you to reach for that salty or sugary snack - try getting back in touch with your natural appetite.

Slimming Basics Tip: Set a Reasonable Target

'I'm going to be a size 8...'

You don’t have to look like Kylie or Kate Moss to be slim. We all have different sizes and shapes. Setting a reasonable weight loss target is essential.

Most women will struggle to fit into a size-8 outfit. Instead, focus on setting a realistic target weight for you – and enjoy whatever size that makes you!

Slimming Basics Tip: Fit with Your Style of Cooking

'I'm going to cook every day...'

There’s no need to turn yourself into a Domestic Goddess simply because you want to lose weight. You're more likely to stick to your plan if you fit with your current style of food and cooking.

Accept the fact that there will be times when you don’t have the time or inclination to cook. Instead, make the most of quick and easy dishes such as low-fat ready meals, beans on toast, jacket potatoes with tuna and salad and veggie stir fries.

If you're looking for some mix and match meal ideas to help you stick to a low calorie diet without spending too much time in the kitchen, this diet plan could be perfect for you.

And if you don't mind spending a little time preparing meals, but you find many suggested plans too involved or fussy, our Everyday Diet Plan can help.

Slimming Basics Tip: Build in Exercise that Fits with You

'I'll go to the gym every day...'

Chances are you won’t have the time or energy to take up residence at your local gym and soon stop going completely as a result. To be successful, build in a little extra activity that fits with you and your lifestyle.

Instead, see the gym as just one of the many ways you can build exercise into your daily life. Any extra activity you do will help you reach your weight loss goals - it doesn't have to be expensive, it doesn't need brand new kit, and you don't even need to leave your house if you don't want to.

You might even find an activity you fall in love with!

Slimming Basics Tip: Get Support

'I'll do it on my own...'

Good support is a vital component of any successful weight loss plan so prepare to ask for help and encouragement

Whether that’s from a friend, partner, or the Weight Loss Resources forum, surrounding yourself with a good support network will spur you on to success.

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