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The Essential Guide to Weight Loss

The Essential Guide to Weight Loss is the ultimate self-help guide to losing and maintaining weight effectively and healthily. Find out more

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Product Description

How do I lose weight and keep it off?

Which diet should I choose - fasting, ketogenic, low carb, low fat, paleo..?

Do I need to count calories?

The biggest question on everyone's lips is how to lose weight and keep it off. It might seem hard to do, but with some determination and expert advice, losing weight really is achievable.

Packed with expert information and practical advice, this book will show you how to follow a weight loss plan that is effective and enjoyable, enabling you to go on to eat a healthy diet for lifelong weight maintenance.

With in-depth reviews on intermittent fasting, paleo and ketogenic diets, you can discover how these diets can create weight loss, and whether they may be suitable for you, as well as finding out why protein foods have a 'metabolic advantage' over other macronutrients.

Discover hundreds of practical tips to help you change the way you eat, and learn how to set and achieve weight loss goals. Find out how to begin and stick with an exercise programme to support weight loss, and learn how to get over all the hurdles that following a healthy diet can present by understanding the psychology behind dieting.

Encompassing over 20 years of research, experience and know-how, this book is for every person still looking for the ultimate guide to losing weight and maintaining it - without gimmicks or unrealistic promises!

About the Author:

Sara Kirkham is a registered nutritional therapist, lecturer and writer. She develops and delivers nutrition modules for colleges and universities, and is the resident dietitian for She has also had research published in the Journal of Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism.

With over 20 years' experience helping people to change their diet and lifestyle, a first class honours degree in Nutritional Medicine and a background in exercise instruction, Sara aims to capture all that expertise, information and knowledge in this book.